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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Grand Gift
A Heavy Blow
A Pitiable Attempt
A Small Sleight
A Small Snuffing
A Soul Divided
Ah Little One
All Warfare Is Asymmetric
Alone Of Seven Planes
Anger Of The Increate
As A World New Formed
As The Shaper Wills
Assault Cuirass
Be It Thus
Be Stilled
Beware The Titan
Beware The Worldsmith
Black King Bar
Blade For The Ages
Broken Soul Annealed
Broken Soul Goes Forth
But Only In My Dreams
By The Increate
Cast Into This World
Cleaving Comes Upon Me
Come Twin Spirit
Comes The Titan
Death Shadows Us All
Die On My Forge
Divided Returns To Unity
Dont Trouble A Titan
Drum Of Endurance
Echo Stomp
Eh Ha Ha Ha
Elder Titan
Face Your Fate
Fall Where You Stand
Fearful Symmetries
First Blood
Five Founders United Again
For Your Elder
Forge Ahead
Forge Of Creation Burns Hotter
Forged Of Shattered Forces
Formed Of The Forge
From Perfect Unity
Further Unity
Get Off My Lawn
Go And Find Renewal
Gold For My Forge
Hah Ha Ha Ha
Hammer At The Founding
Heavens Halberd
I Broke The World
I Hearken Well
I Seek Amends
I Step At Last
I Summon The Titan Soul
I Will Make Things Right
In Sight Of Symmetry
In Your Debt
Increate Can Uncreate
Infused With Youthful Vigor
Is This A New Form
It Is My Charge
Its Not Time Yet
Killing Chaos Knight
Killing Doom
Killing Earthshaker
Killing Enigma
Killing Io
Killing Keeper Of The Light
Killing Lone Druid
Killing Shadowfiend
Killing Tiny
Killing Treant
May Symmetry Be Restored
Meet Your Shadow
Meeting Chaos Knight
Meeting Earthshaker
Meeting Enigma
Meeting Io
Meeting Keeper Of The Light
Meeting Lone Druid
Meeting Tiny
Meeting Treant
My Gratitude
My Shadow Soul
New Strength
New Strength Mended
No Trouble Here
None See Deepest Truth
Not Enough Mana
Not For You
Not Let This Go
Not So
Nothing To It
Now Shall The Battle Turn
Oh My Aching Bones
Perfect Unity
Respect For Your Elders
Riven Earth
Rout You Out
Scepter Of Titans
Scrap Of A Soul
Seven Planes Tremble
Shadow Blade
Shattered By The Increate
Shattered By The Titan
Shattered Long Ago
Shattered Unity
Shivas Guard
Shizzy Wizard
Since The First Making
So Puny
Soft Metal
Sought And Found
Soul Of The Broken World
Span Was Short Indeed
Spirit Torn From Your Flesh
Strength Of The Increate
Stride The Terrene Plane
Strike While Forge Is Hot
Such And So
Thank You
That Is Much Better
That World Might Be Mended
That Would Be Best
The Battle Is Joined
The By And By
The Cloven Soul
The Earth Is Sundered
The Great Symmetry
The Increates Path
The Increates Will
The Shadow Is Cast
The Titan Strikes
The Worldsmith Is Renewed
The Worldsmith Wakes
The Worldsmith Wanders
This Bodes Well
This Way
Thus I Sunder
Till The Worlds Older
Torn Asunder
Unequivocally In The Bag
United At Last
Veil Of Discord
Waste Nothing
We Are Foundation
Weak Must Break
Well Wrought
What Have I Done Now
What Have We Here
Where Were You
World Is Lifted
Yes 1
Yes 2
Your Form Needed Tempering
Your Unmaking