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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A Bargain Im Sure
A Bargain Im Sure Morphed
A Measured Pace
A Measured Pace Morphed
A Projection Of Will
A Projection Of Will Morphed
A Stronger Defense
A Stronger Defense Morphed
A Threat
A Threat Morphed
A Trespasser
A Trespasser Morphed
A Wee Demise
A Wee Demise Morphed
Ah Morphed
Ah My Old Self
Ah My Old Self Morphed
And Forward
And Forward Morphed
Attack Morphed
Auuuhhh Morphed
Aye Morphed
Back Off
Back Off Morphed
Behold Morphed
Black King Bear
Black King Bear Morphed
Blink Dagger
Blink Dagger Morphed
Claws Will Find Them
Claws Will Find Them Morphed
Clever Bitch
Clever Bitch Morphed
Coin Of The Realm
Coin Of The Realm Morphed
Come Here
Come Here Morphed
Come Morphed
Cuirass To Cover My Bear Ass
Cuirass To Cover My Bear Ass Morphed
Cycle Shall Be Complete
Daedalus Morphed
Denied Morphed
Do Not Dare
Do Not Dare Morphed
Done Morphed
Ferocity Falls In Battle
Ferocity Falls In Battle Morphed
First Blood
First Blood Morphed
Form Of Bear
Form Of Bear Morphed
Forward Morphed
From Exile I Emerge
From Exile I Emerge Morphed
Got It
Got It Morphed
Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha Morphed
Ha Ha Morphed
He Impatience
He Impatience Morphed
Heart Of Tarrasque
Heart Of Tarrasque Morphed
Here We Go
Here We Go Morphed
Hibernation Ends
Hibernation Ends Morphed
Hope Returns
Hope Returns Morphed
Hyperstone Morphed
I Can Barely Afford This
I Can Barely Afford This Morphed
I Can Still Run With Kids
I Can Still Run With Kids Morphed
I Feel The Wild In Me
I Feel The Wild In Me Morphed
I Have Need Of You
I Have Need Of You Morphed
I Hear The Call
I Hear The Call Morphed
I Know The Place
I Know The Place Morphed
I See
I See Morphed
I Shed My Fur
I Shed My Fur Morphed
I Thank You
I Thank You Morphed
I Will Be More Careful
I Will Be More Careful Morphed
Ill Go There
Ill Go There Morphed
Immortality Morphed
In Time
In Time Morphed
Invisibility Morphed
Is It Winter
Is It Winter Morphed
Is More Power Needed
Is More Power Needed Morphed
Isnt This Exciting
Isnt This Exciting Morphed
It Has Been Too Long
It Has Been Too Long Morphed
Its In The Bag
Its In The Bag Morphed
Its Not Time Yet
Its Not Time Yet Morphed
Ive Lost Weight
Ive Lost Weight Morphed
Killing Dazzle
Killing Dazzle Morphed
Killing Death Prophet
Killing Death Prophet Morphed
Killing Dragon Knight
Killing Dragon Knight Morphed
Killing Enchantress
Killing Enchantress Morphed
Killing Invoker
Killing Invoker Morphed
Killing Lycan
Killing Lycan Morphed
Killing Natures Prophet
Killing Natures Prophet Morphed
Killing Outworld Devourer
Killing Outworld Devourer Morphed
Killing Shadow Shaman
Killing Shadow Shaman Morphed
Killing Tidehunter
Killing Tidehunter Morphed
Killing Tinker
Killing Tinker Morphed
Killing Ursa
Killing Ursa Morphed
Killing Witch Doctor
Killing Witch Doctor Morphed
Lone Druid
Lone Druid Morphed
Long Years Have Been Kind
Long Years Have Been Kind Morphed
Look To Your Own
Look To Your Own Morphed
Mask Of Madness
Mask Of Madness Morphed
Maybe I Deserve Exile
Maybe I Deserve Exile Morphed
Maybe When You're Older
Maybe When You're Older Morphed
Meeting Chen
Meeting Chen Morphed
Meeting Dragon Knight
Meeting Dragon Knight Morphed
Meeting Enchantress
Meeting Enchantress Morphed
Meeting Lycan
Meeting Lycan Morphed
Meeting Natures Prophet
Meeting Natures Prophet Morphed
Meeting Puck
Meeting Puck Morphed
Meeting Ursa
Meeting Ursa Morphed
Minerals Nothing More
Minerals Nothing More Morphed
More Than I Can Bear Heh
More Than I Can Bear Heh Morphed
More Trees
More Trees Morphed
Much To Be Done
Much To Be Done Morphed
My Companion
My Companion Morphed
My Ferocity Takes Shape
My Ferocity Takes Shape Morphed
My Friend
My Friend Is Dying
My Friend Is Dying Morphed
My Friend Morphed
My Friend Slips
My Friend Slips Morphed
My Mission Continues
My Mission Continues Morphed
My Purpose Quickens
My Purpose Quickens Morphed
My Spirit Bear Falters
My Spirit Bear Falters Morphed
My Spirit Is Hungry
My Spirit Is Hungry Morphed
My Unending Gratitude
My Unending Gratitude Morphed
Nature Chose Guardian Well
Nature Is Not For The Weak
Nature Rejects You
Nature Rejects You Morphed
Natures Mysteries Revealed
Natures Mysteries Revealed Morphed
Never In Ten Thousand Years
Never In Ten Thousand Years Morphed
No Foe Shall Stand
No Foe Shall Stand Morphed
No Morphed
No Rush