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A Nasty Bit Of Work
A Nasty Business Nastier
Ah Come On
Ah Scepter
All Hail The Lord Of Trolls
All Will Bleed
Alls Fair In War
Anonymity The Friend
Assault Cuirass
Axes Fly
Axes Of Evil
Black King Bar
Blades Fly
Blink Dagger
Blood Spurts
Bottled Like My Hate
But A Troll Cannot Die
Come At Me
Come Back And Die Again
Dead Makes Me Angrier
Death Brings End To Pain
Death Is My Way Of Life
Death Is Too Good
Die Faster
Do That Again
Doesnt Anybody Like Me
Dont Cross My Path
Dont Get In My Way
Dont Look At Me
Double Damage
Down You Go
Enjoy Your Ban
Faster Faster
Feed My Blades
Fighting A Troll
First Blood
Forever Alone
Fortune Favors The Trolled
Get Away From Me
Get Off And Help Me
Give Em A Whirl
Go On Feed Me
Going Berserk
Gold For My Armor
Gold For Steel
Green Like My Envy
Gutteral Spray
Hah Hah Hah
Hate Warms Me
Have At Them
He Heh Hah Heh
Heh He Heh
Hell Has No Room
Heres Axe In Your Eye
I Aint Going Nowhere
I Can See Ill Have To Carry
I Carried Us To Victory
I Deserve This
I Didn't Have A Chance
I Do Not Do A High Five
I Dont Think So
I Hear Sniveling
I Kill My Enemies First
I Knew Id Be Back
I Like To Bottle It Up
I Live To Fight
I Managed To Win
I Need No Allies
I Peek Back Your Uglies
I Suffer The Innocents
I Will Kill You
I Will See Your Insides
Id Be Better Off Alone
Id Like To Fill Out Application
Id Rather Strip This
If I Had A Decent Team
If I Wanted Your Opinion
Ill Be Here
Ill Cave In Their Skulls
Ill Get To You Later
Ill Kill You Later Keeper
Ill Pry Your Eyes
Im Coming For You
Im Going Home
Im Not Even Sure
Im Not Ready
Im Still Going To Kill You
It Is Time To Gut You
It Was Everyone Elses Fault
Its About Time
Its Not Time Yet
Just Try Not To Feed
Keep On Smiling Keeper
Killing Alchemist
Killing Axe
Killing Clockwerk
Killing Dazzle
Killing Enchantress
Killing Gyrocopter
Killing Huskar
Killing Morphling
Killing Necrophos
Killing Shadow Shaman
Killing Sniper
Killing Tinker
Killing Tiny
Killing Treant Protector
Killing Weaver
Killing You Was The Least
Lets Kill These Fools
Mask Of Death
Mask Of Madness Seriously
Monkey King Troll
More Like It
More Of Me To Hate
My Axes Thirst
My Bad
My Hate Shall Burn You Down
My Hate Will Bring Me Back
My Steel Gorges
My Steel Shall Drink
My War Chest Grows
My Whole Team Are Noobs
Next Time
Next Time Be Quicker
No Agony Enough
No Last Wishes
No Mana
No More Mister Nice Guy
No More Playing Nice
No No
Not Enough Mana
Not Yet
Now Im Ready To Stab You
Oh Come On
Out Of Mana
Pain Is Gain
Pay Attention When I Kill
Pay The Troll
Please Do Feed The Trolls
Remorse What Was That
Saved For Later
Shizzy Wizard
Should Have Gone To Bed
Shut Up Keeper
Steeped In Hatred
Sweet Anonymity
That Felt Good
Thats It
The Bell Tolls
The Best Trolls Never Die
The Better To Carve Out
The Crackle Rune
The Last Bell Tolls
The Last Bell Trolls
The Past Is Death
The Red Rune Runs
The Strong Eat The Weak
The Strong Shall Eat Weak
The Ultimate In Trolling
The Warlord Returns
There Are No Innocents
These Blades Are Too Dry
They Said Id Never Survive
Theyll Do What I Tell Them
Theyll Rue The Day
This Cant Be Happening
This Is All Their Fault
This One Is In The Bag
This War Will End
To The Massacre
Too Bad
Took You Long Enough
Troll Warlord
Trolling For Victims
Trolls Always Get Last Word
Try Not To Feed
Turn About Aint Fair
Uh Uh
What The Hell Is This
Whats War Torn
Wheres The Complaint
Whos Giving Me Presents
Why Am I Angry
Why Are My Allies Weak
Why Arent You Helping Me
Why Do I Enjoy This
Why Do I Get Worst Teams