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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Flight Of Fancy
A Squadron Of Vipers
Ah Scepter
Aha Blink Dagger
Air Support Arrives
Anger 1
Anger 2
Anger 3
Anger 4
Blink Dagger
Bottled For Later
Burns Doesnt It
Cant Feel My Wings
Cloaked In Poison
Close But Not Quite
Comes Green Death
Crummy Wizard
Damaged 1
Damaged 2
Damaged 3
Damaged 4
Damaged 5
Damaged 6
Death From Above
Death To You
Denied 2
Did You Wonder What Death Was Like Here It Is
Double Damage
Dying To Ember Spirit
Dying To Lina
Dying To Sniper
Enough Waiting In The Wings
Failure 1
Failure 2
Failure 3
Faster Poison
Feel The Burn
First Blood 1
First Blood 2
From The Nether Reaches I Return
Fromt He Nether Reaches
Gliding In
Golden Cardio
Got You
Green Is Your Color
Happy 1
Happy 2
Heres Poison In Your Eye
Holy Shiz Its Me
How Your Blood Sours
I Fall
I Fly
I Fly Into A Rage
I Fly No More
I Fly The Nest
I Glide On
I Poison The Soil
I Roam
I Slip Deaths Enchainment
I Soar Higher
I Spread My Wings
I Spread My Wings Anew
I Take To The Air
I Will Have Vengeance
Ill Take A Sorcerer As My Pet
Ill Take This Under My Wing
Ill Up The Dosage
Im Not Ready 1
Im Not Ready 3
Im Spitting Blood
Im Under Attack
In The Bag
Into The Bottle
Its Not Time Yet 1
Its Not Time Yet 2
Its Not Time Yet 3
Ive An Acid Tongue
Killing Batrider
Killing Laugh 1
Killing Laugh 2
Killing Laugh 3
Killing Laugh 4
Killing Skywrath Mage
Killing Venomancer 1
Killing Venomancer 2
Killing Visage
Killing Winged Hero
Laugh 4
Laugh 5
Laugh 6
Laugh 7
Laugh 8
Launched Again Into Battle
Levelup Laugh 1
Levelup Laugh 2
Meet Your End
More For Me
My Fangs Drip
My Fangs Sharpen
My Flight Ends
My Flight Ends 2
My Flight Muscles Bulge
My Flight Resumes
My Poison Claims Its Victim
My Poison Concentrates
My Poison Flies
My Poison Renews
My Poison Spills
My Poison Works Its Magic
My Spitting Image
My Thanks
My Wingspan Extends
No Mana 1
No Mana 2
No Mana 3
None Forget The Bite Of The Viper
None Shall Master Me
Not Enough Mana 1
Not Enough Mana 2
Not Enough Mana 3
Not Ready 2
Not Yet 1
Not Yet 2
Not Yet 3
Now I Fly No More Forever
Now Theyll Never Bring Me Down
Oh Dive
On Leathern Wings
On My Way To A One Bite Kill
One Fell Swoop
Orb Of Venom I Need This Why
Out Of Mana 1
Out Of Mana 2
Out Of Mana 3
Poision Tongue
Poison Burn
Poison Closes Your Veins
Poison Flows
Poison Soaks You
Prepare For Poison
Pursued By Poison
Put Aside For Now
Quick Death
Ready Or Not
See You Soon
See You Soon 2
Shizzy Wizard
Soaring To Victory
Spit In Your Eye
Spitting Distance
Sweet Salvation
Swoop To Battle
That Gold Was Weighing Me Down
The Endless Begins
There Are Better Deaths
Thrust Ahead
To The Nether Realm
Uh Uh
Vipe Out
Viper Kills Again
Who Needs Legs When You Got Wings
With Malicious Intent
You Almost Had It
You Cant Fight What You Cant See
You Look Good In Green
You Thought Youd Be Immune
You Twitch Like A Snake Bitten Mouse
You Wear It Wear
Youve Failed The Acid Test