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Urgot - League of Legends

Urgot - League of Legends

Urgot Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A father be with his daughter
A pale imitation
All the innocent barrels i'm saving
Along this something ah that's better
And build hoover rejoices
And over here
Another slaved pain
As the bones for cold a quiet peaceful
Betty soaking in the chem barons grasp
Big frieda before the life time
Birds of a feather again
Blood in blood out
Born let this be a warning
Brave of you to volunteer
Bringing them to heal
Brutality I approve
But I still have so much to kill for
But will not be tested
Can you order candy god
Carnage as intoxicating as chemtech
Caught between two worlds boy
Chaos will set you free
Come back when you are stronger
Come on come tumbling down
Como vas dead
Compared to what you do this is merciful
Controlling them will be simpler with my hand around their throats
Could not break maine
Crashed into a pit of despair I climbed out on the corpses
Cries out calling me home
Crying out here or are you mewling
Deal is stronger
Did you say bow wow
Died from moments god control you
Do not fight it
Do you feel safer
Do you think that would save you
Doc says failed you when it did not punish your betrayal
Don't be greedy there's enough pain for all of us
Don't worry i'll take care of those runes
Echoing from the depth
Embrace your fear
Empire falls
Endless misery wonderful
Enjoy this final moment before your trial begins
Everyone of you as dead as the last
Evil means a new master
Evolution gives way to revolution
Exactly yep
Existence is torment
Feel this useful later
Felt my pain now feel yours
Following my wake
Frank man break their shadow
Frankly I never found you attractive
Friends to the end how inspiring
Fuel into other chaos to come
Gather your strength soon I will take it
Give me a reason to fear you
God was the
Gone welcome to me with open arms and a knife to my back
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hello kim again
Hey did the actum becoming
How much stronger they'll be if they live
How much yeah
However I never in control
Hum to die
I am not very definition of a self made man
I am not your enemy
I am pulling the weapon I need
I am sorry this reckoning
I answered no one no matter how loudly baby
I considered you my equal I was wrong
I don't know what he said and it
I had my fill of stones in the treasure
I have a weakness away nothing is left
I heard you like to give hugs
I hope your father big twins swain betrayed him
I like only you more
I must admit I have a thing for legs
I never saw the beauty in death until now
I redemption
I remain your weakness bear
I thought you would be bigger
I want to see their faces when I tear their hope away
I want you have always known
I was not born in the depths I merely refused to die
I was stronger
I will not kneel onto a deck fever
I'll finish with the mists parted
I'm glad you know your place
I'm on kind you too and you age born of destruction
I'm stronger than man from the machine I i'm an idea
I'm sure that it was scooped out any second
If they could only comprehend the truth of the branch I would need to drive it into their skulls
If they do not stop maine they won't die it is just that simple
If you feed on pain I welcome you to the feast
If you hide in the shadows you are only drawing me home
Impress him
Increase so much faster fall for your charms
Is going to be messy
Is on their way
It is not filed legs this is losophy
It is time for them to die
Kilmaine and will kill you
Kinda hope it is all you have
Knocks us is boss
Knox is already had an exceptional
Let me introduce you today
Let me know how it tastes
Liberi aren't you
Life favors the strong
Make way for job in the fish
Marvels of pain
Master meet mecca
Must be tested
My my what have they been up to him feel so far
My replacement really now
My time
No more
No music only silence
No one will shit here that is why you cry
No please tell me about your religion
None of you were very
Not viable
Now only have yourself to blame
Now to destroy everything you love
Of people to fail a test
One falls as many rise
Only those who survived this city deserve it
Only you were stronger
Our eyes cannot be stopped
Pacitti calls for chaos she is but the first to answer
People tell far is a parasite
Raise them on chains my message
Read by james
Resplendens death
Run if you must
Sacrificed for the cause
Scream louder I want swaying to hear it
Screw simple love pain
Seashore remark one more time
See henderson here
Shall never escape and neither will you
She had kitty kitty
Silence gives way chaos
Skating will not betray you
So it'll be redeemed in the flames
So much anger
So this is what I want you to think
So we are condemned
Sorry on you were already dead to maine
Spain is a gift
Stars fall the hardest
Strange comes from suffering
Struggling maybe you can save your hat
Sweet berry you all
That theme speak in my eye
The barons are not your masters fear is
The child is learning
The end
The forest does not need gods
The fourth and it will be the first form
The kind of knock sis can be cut off god
The mafia indeed
The only thing you enforce his limitations
The rage carrie you into my chains
The stars are too far away to help you
The submarine is only beginning
The void may learn but not quickly enough
The web
Their futures carved into my flash
There are more trials to come
There is always another trial
There is no coming back
They put me in chains they gave me my weapon
They would come
Think of all that you have survived
This is not your land and that means it doesn't even like you
This is the only truth that matters on weapon aimed at your head
This one has potential
This storm breaks
This way
Those gloves you are broken
Those who stand behind you will share your fate
Train crews and T away
Uh do you want to your death
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Urgot - League of Legends Sound
Was the pain too much
We are all animals
We will make saw great again
We will rise from the rubble stronger than before
What is strength if you do not use it
What kind of monster would kill a child oh right
What will be born of your suffering
What would you do to survive terry
Where do your loyalties lie I will bury you next to them
Where will they run when the whole city burns
Who among you are worthy
Without zone nothing
Yeah these are my weapons
Yes we hang your agony
You admit your weakness
You belong in a grave
You bug in the way of freedom frozen stick
You can die beside them but you will never be at the mercy and
You cannot know strength until you are broken
You cannot warr but I have turned out
You chose the wrong weapon