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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Come On World I’ll Have You For Breakfast!
Hotel Mario - (BLEEP) You
Hotel Mario - (BLEEP) You And Spaghetti! (Ext)
Hotel Mario - All Toasters Toast Toast
Hotel Mario - Bowser Laugh
Hotel Mario - Bowser!
Hotel Mario - Gay Luigi
Hotel Mario - Hope She Made Lotsa Spaghetti!
Hotel Mario - I Dare You To FInd Her
Hotel Mario - Instruction Book
Hotel Mario - Instruction Book (Full)
Hotel Mario - Mushroom Kingdom
Hotel Mario - No.
Hotel Mario - Pesky Plumbers
Hotel Mario - Spaghetti!
Hotel Mario - Spaghetti! (Extended)
Hotel Mario - The Princess
Hotel Mario - To Many Toasters
Hotel Mario - Toast Toast
Hotel Mario - We Gotta (BLEEP) Spaghetti!
Hotel Mario - We Gotta Find The Princess
Hotel Mario - Wee Gee
Hotel Mario - You Gotta Help Us
Hotel Mario - You Know What They Say.
Mario Shows - (Luigi HELP Scream)
Mario Shows - (Luigi Scream 3)
Mario Shows - (Luigi Scream2)
Mario Shows - ****
Mario Shows - Didn't Think It Was Funny
Mario Shows - How A Meatball Feels
Mario Shows - I Fell For Hours!
Mario Shows - Is It The Bagel?
Mario Shows - Koopa Football Players
Mario Shows - Lift Off Got Me
Mario Shows - Magic Ballon
Mario Shows - Magic Ballon (Full)
Mario Shows - Mama Luigi
Mario Shows - Mama Luigi (Full)
Mario Shows - Mama Luigi? (Laugh)
Mario Shows - Mario Gets Attacked
Mario Shows - Meatball
Mario Shows - Or, Is It The Bagel?
Marios Head Singing Remix made by Defiasmidge333
Other - (Belgian Waffle Scream)
Other - (Falcon Death)
Other - (YTP) Belgian (BLEEP) Waffles!
Other - (YTP) Belgian Waffles (Full)
Other - Belgian Waffles!
Other - Blue Falcon!
Other - Epic Falcon Punch moment (anime)
Other - Falcon.
Other - I like 'em Crispy!
Other - Lotta' Beeps
Other - Money For Belgian Waffles
Other - PUNCH!
Other - Regular Prostate Exams
Other - Show Me Your Moves!
Other - The Spell Of Belgian Waffles
Other-darth vader breathing
Other-imma firin mah laysa
Phineas & Ferb - Cake is a Sometimes Food
Phineas & Ferb - Tuff Gum
Phneas & Ferb - Trike
Songs - PIM Song
Songs - The Bagel Song
Songs - Yakety Sax (Demented)
Songs-bill nye the science guy
Sonic - (YTP) Chocolate Covered ****
Sonic - (YTP) Robotnik Says It All
Sonic - Chopped Chicken Brains
Sonic - Crud And Sludge
Sonic - I'm Dr
Sonic - Nincombots
Sonic - Pengas!
Sonic - Piness
Sonic - Shut Up!
Sound Effects - Falling
Sound Effects - Slip and Fall
Toaster Collection
Volvic - Breakfast!
Zelda - (YTP) Pee Spaghetti
Zelda - (King And Zelda Laugh)
Zelda - (Laugh) Nothing Link
Zelda - (YTP) About To Give Prostate Exams
Zelda - (YTP) Belgian Waffles Defeat Cancer
Zelda - (YTP) IT BURNS When I Pee
Zelda - (YTP) Sure Burns When I Pee
Zelda - (YTP) To Gamelon For Waffles
Zelda - (YTP) Triforce Says Link Has Cancer
Zelda - Bomb Some Dodongos (Full)
Zelda - Bombs
Zelda - Die!
Zelda - Dinner
Zelda - Dodongos!
Zelda - Golly!
Zelda - Got To Be Kidding
Zelda - Great, I'll Get My Stuff!
Zelda - Hmm.
Zelda - How About A Kiss?
Zelda - I Can Eat An Octarock (Full)
Zelda - I Guess I Better Get Going
Zelda - I Just Saved You From Ganon!
Zelda - I Won!
Zelda - I Wonder What's For Dinner
Zelda - Item Speech
Zelda - Join Or Die!
Zelda - Lamp Oil
Zelda - Link says "****"
Zelda - Link The Hero
Zelda - My Boy
Zelda - My Boy (Full)
Zelda - Not The Chains!
Zelda - Not The Pit!
Zelda - Octarock!
Zelda - Oh Boy!
Zelda - Only Link Can Defeat Ganon
Zelda - Rope
Zelda - Scrub All The Floors In Hyrule
Zelda - Squadula!
Zelda - Squadula! We Are Off!
Zelda - Stop Looking At Yourself!
Zelda - Sure Is Boring Around Here
Zelda - Sword!
Zelda - The Birds Are Singing!
Zelda - The Faces Of Evil
Zelda - The Map
Zelda - There Is No Time
Zelda - Well Done Link!
Zelda - What Are All Those Heads?
Zelda - What Happened?
Zelda - Why'd You Do That?
Zelda - Wonder What Ganon's Up Too
Zelda - Wonder What Happened To Link?
Zelda - Worth A Kiss?
Zelda - You Dare Bring Light To My Lair!?
Zelda - You must DIE!
Zelda - Your Majesty (Full)