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A light hit.
A minor hit.
A powerful hit. The tight disadvantage has no effect.
A quick gust.
A savage hit.
A soaring sky attack?
Accordingly, the trainers are changing too.
Accuracy took a hit.
Ah, it's another daunting Pokémon.
All status changes are back to normal.
Amber Shaw.
An exchange of heavy flows. Neither Pokémon is backing down.
An exchange of heavy hits started a fight.
And basically this has been touched.
And intimidating glare.
And it's down.
And there goes the battle.
Another Pokémon chain.
Are cyclic lane.
Are like tap decided the outcome?
Are they testing each other's strengths?
Attack. Power down.
Awesome beggar.
Awesome country.
Back defeat means a Pokémon Swap.
Being unable to move hurts.
Big risk attack.
Blinding Sand attack.
Both combatants are down to their last Pokémon.
Both combatants are exhausted.
Both come back and still have plenty of gas left.
Both love it down.
Both Pokémon appear equally fit.
Both Pokémon appear weak.
Both Pokémon are exhausted.
Both Pokémon have taken heavy debt.
Both Pokémon look ready for more.
Both Pokémon went full out right from the start.
Box up lying in this heated match.
But it walk right back up.
But Pokémon are entirely different types.
Can strategy overcome the level disadvantage?
Capital Major damage.
Changing Pokémon that Pokémon must not have been the right choice.
Clutch the weak spot.
Comic Con.
Congratulations, but Champion has been decided.
Congratulations. You've cleared the Gentle Leader, Castle.
Crack that tail.
Decent hits.
Disable water off.
Double check.
Double flopping around.
Down the level, disadvantage is obvious.
Down. That didn't take much.
Dragon Ring.
Drill that weak spot.
Egg bump bark.
Falling asleep is going to make this A1 sided fight.
Find wicked girl.
Fireworks are flying in this battle.
First, stop fighting.
Flew up into the sky.
Foreign attack?
Funny flag.
Get ready for a battle between two Pokémon of different levels.
Give it a lick.
Go back.
God, it didn't stand a chance.
God, it's a one hit wonder.
Gold with rockslide.
Got it.
Ground Zero.
Happy, we're telling action.
Harsh flow.
Have been major action already.
Head missile.
Heavy damage.
Heavy paper.
Here come Thunder.
Here comes the aerial attack.
Here comes the first opponent. An easy victory should be within reach.
Here he is Lieutenant Surge, the leader of Vermilion Jim and the commander of Electric Pokémon. The Challenger. Better pick the battle Pokémon with caution.
Here we come. Razor win.
Here's a light shot.
Here's a Pokémon change.
Here's retaliation.
Here's the 2nd adversary. The challenger needs to stay calm to earn victory.
Here's the first move.
Here's the first opponent of this gym series. A decisive victory is expected.
Here's the paper.
Here's the third trainer battle. With only the gym leader left after this, what kind of battle can we expect to see?
Hey, what's it doing? Down it goes.
Hit, don't reach spot.
How will the Jim second opponent conduct battle? Will need a strong effort to win.
How will the SWAT Pokémon fight?
How will the type difference affect battle?
How will this freeze affect the outcome?
How will this snooze affect the battle?
How will this swap affect the outcome?
How's that?
Hyper V.
I always pitch Otto.
I don't care.
I'll stop blowing up your ex wives.
I'm stunned, Sport. Wow.
I've got the battle is over.
If you mimic.
If you screenshot.
If you substitute.
If you teleport.
If you transform.
If you underway.
If you're who's been straight.
In applied conversion.
Is there nothing you can do now?
It can't make a move.
It can't move again.
It changed its type to the enemies.
It created a substitute.
It didn't changed its status.
It didn't do much damage.
It didn't work.
It fell asleep again.
It finally woke up.
It flew up again.
It goes down after a goodbye.
It has to make up for lost ground.
It improved its accuracy.
It improved its defense.
It increased its attack power.
It just shrugged off that hit.
It made itself more invasive.
It might.
It popped up its special rating.
It rages unleashed.
It restored its status.
It rockets you slowly damage the opponent.
It shook off its confusion.
It still won't attack.
It still won't awaken.
It suffered a burn.
It took the abuse easily.
It use recover.
It woke up.
It won't work.
It you.
It's a frozen statue.
It's a head on collision power versus power.
It's a light hit.
It's a revolving door of Pokémon.
It's a scratch.
It's a scratch.
It's a sleep on the job.
It's a swift attack.
It's been poisoned.
It's blood is boiling.
It's building energy for the next attack.
It's burrowed underground again.
It's burrowed underground.
It's catching some rest.
It's concentrating on its status.
It's confused.
It's defensive down.
It's done enough fighting.
It's doubly affected.
It's fast asleep.
It's fighting. It's time.
It's finally on Pokémon Tournament Pokey Cup Great ball. The battles get underway to the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd.
It's finally taken down.
It's finally underway. Pokémon Tournament. Brian caught Pokeball, Who Will Win it all in this wide open, unlimited level.
It's finally underway. Pokémon Tournaments Prime Cup Ultra Ball. Here's hoping that we see brilliant Pokemons, strategies and tactics.
It's frozen rock salt.
It's getting pumped up.
It's going to buy.
It's got a nasty burn. Can it tough it out?
It's in no condition to fight.
It's managing the opponent.
It's more resistant to physical blows.
It's not very effective.
It's on the battle against Erica, the Celadon Gym Leader and the grass Pokémon artist. Smart strategy is the key to victory.
It's on top.
It's one Pokémon against two now.
It's paralyzed on the spot.
It's payday.
It's poison powder.
It's restoring HP.
It's ringing.
It's speeded up.
It's still biting its tongue.
It's still can't attack.
It's still confused.
It's still improving its state.
It's still weakening the opponent status.
It's stronger against special attacks.
It's taking a quick rest.
It's the gym's third opponent. The Gym Leader is waiting right after this.
It's thrashing about.
It's trying to absorb.
It's trying to minimize its size.
It's two Pokémon against three now.
It's underway Pokémon Tournament Pika Cup. This is a tournament for passionate young, up and coming Pokémon.
It's underway. Pokémon Tournament Pokey Cups Master Ball. Who will be the master trainer to win it all?
Its speed is down.
Karate chop.
Last of Us.
Left back.
Let's fit underway with Pokémon Tournament Critique the tournament for unevolved Pokémon. Let's see how much fight the cutest Pokémon can put up.
Let's get paid.
Let's get ready to roll. This is the Event Battle Stage.