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Pocket Alex Jones

Pocket Alex Jones

God's Pocket is a 2014 American drama film directed by John Slattery. The film is set in a poor working class South Philadelphia neighborhood modeled on Devil's Pocket. It premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival to mixed critical reviews, and was picked up for domestic distribution by IFC Films.
See also: Jon Jones, Alex Jennings, Indiana Jones, In the Pocket (Commodores album), Alex Ferguson, Fresh (2022 film),

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A monkey doing you know what with the football
A piece of trash
Absolutely caution to the wind
Alright i'm done i'm done
Alright i'm not in a good mood now
Alright I'm sorry
An animated
And that's hell
And they get on that aircraft and I mean they are just like just like shut the door let's get this going
And they're going to watch babies die and love it 'cause there are good guys the government 's good
And you laughed at me
And you make me sick what a liar you are
Answer the question
Bad news
Barack Obama did this fake crying bit where he would take a tear out of his eye we blow the video up there are no tears
Become a human again
Bitch I hope your dad dies in the hospital
But you know what
By the roman emperors were always so crazy most of them had syphilis which is basically the equivalent of microscopic worm starts eating your brain
Call you corrupt bureaucrats
Child size targets to shoot old women targets checkpoints there tough there ready yeah yeah
Come on
Come on China 's gonna let you dress up like like mary poppins no child is going to shoot you in the back of the head and blow your brains all over the place
Coming kids magellan 's a lot cooler than justin bieber he circumnavigated with one ship the entire planet he was killed by wild natives before they got back to portugal and when they got back ther...
Corrupt them all
Deal with it
Death by a billion cuts so start shoving the knife in ladies and gentlemen
Destroy the child
Did you see him during the speech with obama last week
Do whatever you're going to do to me
Do you understand
Do you understand Sir that that's like North Korea
Do you understand that
Don't think I didn't know
Donald Trump Donald Trump
Dumb ass
Elbow the guy right back
Everything is awesome everything is fantastic when you're part of a team everything is wonderful when you're part of the dream
Everything is calm
Everything is good
Everything's fine everything 's fine OK everything is OK everything is just wonderful
Evil ain't cool and evil ain't fun
Excuse me
Excuse me
Excuse me
Excuse me
Five five
Funny ugly spiritually ugly evil witch
Get off your crazy power trips
Go ahead and try to say we did it
Go back
God almighty
God forgive them they don't know what they're doing
God's plan for us these people cannot roll over us cannot controllers that should not exist
Going into space mathematics quantum mechanics will say cortana universe and it's all their life is fiery with its beauty
Good guys
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Hail satan
Have sex with me
He is the devil
He worships evil
He's just a circus freak
He's obviously autistic or something I feel sorry for him
He's scum
Here's a little news flash
Hey listen asshole
Hillary Clinton
Honda pioneer
How are we going to do that
How are you doing
How are you doing would you like rice so you could do oh thank thank thank thank thank
How evil these people are
How much fun it is
I came knocking on your door
I can get your attention
I can now remove the tinfoil hat
I can take their fear and our witness
I can taste your weakness
I can work this as a leotard
I didn't have a liberal from new york in the bathroom I couldn't wipe my ass excuse maine
I don't care if you got a handlebar mustache I don't care
I don't know
I don't know what they're doing
I don't like it
I don't mean to laugh
I don't want that man to have a gun
I don't want to look like i'm not manly here
I get off when I talk about cutting peoples power off
I gotta do what you say
I gotta feed the trolls
I hate them
I have seen I know
I just can't handle anymore
I know your mustache is cool
I like to eat
I like to fight
I love humanity
I love it
I love satan
I mean i'm coming after you
I mean it's just like scum nazi filthy trash garbage maggots
I mean this is pure garbage ladies and gentlemen
I mean whoa
I probably shouldn't have done
I probably shouldn't on him so much
I rode a horse to you know work this morning
I started species greater than you
I taste metal I taste blood
I think my testosterone 's going up this happens every time I start working out a lot again
I want to evacuate this place is sick of this country
I will go to hell
I will i'll do it right now i'll get in the ring with you and I will break your jaw I will knock your teeth out I will break your nose and I will break your neck
I will run down your entire fucking line
I'll cut your freaking head off you understand
I'll give you a raise
I'll give you a raise if you come over here and have sex with me
I'm afraid
I'm alive
I'm done
I'm done I gotta get outta here
I'm done with them for now
I'm going in
I'm going to call you a racist and blow your head off
I'm going to cut my penis off
I'm going to eat your cerebral cortex laughed
I'm gonna go home and cry tonight 'cause you boss me around
I'm hate in the spirit of the destroyer that is
I'm here
I'm just glad I got your W bush
I'm just trying to survive and have a future for humanity
I'm not a coward like you
I'm not a slave
I'm not even sucking my gut in
I'm not going to get in bed with you
I'm pissed off now
I'm primitive i'm real I know they anime
I'm setting fires everywhere
I'm sick of it
I'm signing off ladies and gentlemen
I'm so powerful
I'm tired of your crap
I'm trying to control myself
I've broken the conditioning it doesn't work on main
I've had it with control freaks and scum
I've really lost weight
If you don't call yourself a cracker then you're bad
If you mean K
If you were alive you know
In the bathroom I couldn't wipe my ass excuse maine
Is going to get a lot worse folks they're coming for everybody to understand that
Is she a man
Is she really a woman
It'll be all these patriots hot wives and their kids
It's all fake
It's just it's just screaming failure
It's like going up to a full grown grizzly bear and punching it in the nose
It's not funny
It's real
It's time to realize just how evil these people are
Job at all
Just admit you're a troll
Just don't
Just get fired up when I think about what they're doing to us and how I want to resist him and how easy they are to defeat