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Created by SonofSparky1 9,429 172,603
Poofesure Soundboard

Poofesure Soundboard

Poofesure raging at Wii Sports, Wii Party, and Mario Kart Wii: Created by SonofSparky1 (the creator of the Putz12 soundboard)

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A and B
Abby I thought you love me
Abby no don't get it
All right what the
Am I that stupid?
Are you kidding me?
Are you pooping in my corn flakes
Bang the wii remote to work
Bite this wii remote in half
Bite this wii remote in half 2
Bowser gets two chests
Break wii remote the first day I got it
Breaking a wii remote in half
Breaking Yoshi Wii Remote
Broken TV
Can I not talk
Can't put sentences together
Can't see shit
Catch it
Catch that
Chicken scream
Did he trip over his own shoe
Do a fing trick
Do I need the wii remote
Do not fing learn
Do something
Driving the Titanic on land
Drop at something
Drop the thing shut up
Eat shit
Elisa 2
Except i'm getting fked by this stupid board
Expert mode puppet man tutorial
Fing piece of shit wii remote
First splitter
Fish Sticks come on
Fk 2
Fk 3
Fk kentaro
Fk my ass emily
Fk this game
Fk you
Fk you Rachel
For fks sake how is that even fair
Gaahh I fing hate you
Get a seven
Get back
Give me a break
God bless now that's frustrating
God damn
God damn it
Good job grandma
Great job me
He can't change his mind
He fks me he gets to go forward
Hitting wii remote
Hitting wii remote 2
Hold 2 and use your d pad I don't move
Holy fking shit i hate that motherfking pin
How am i always the one who gets fked first
How did you hit me with a green shell there
How do i get screwed by so many things at once
How do I get so screwed in the butt
How do I roll a three
How do we throw it that far
How do you block that
How do you block that 2
How do you not object to get that
How does she hit that
How is that a foul
How is that a foul ball
How is that out on time
How is this game rigged
How many times can we get a GRRRR!
How the fk does that always happen
I already broke this one
I can't believe that wii remote still works
I can't catch a break
I can't do shit
I can't see because someone's ASS is on the screen!
I can't turn
I cannot stand it anymore
I didn't even move my bat
I do everything
I fing hate this goddamn game
I got 4th
I hate you so much
I pressed A and B that means splitter
I snapped my Wii Remote in half
I threw it on the floor game
I wanna break something so bad
I wanna shit on your nose
I wanted to hit you in the face tommy
I would've been on it
I'm about to fing break this one too
I'm about to freak out
I'm about to lose my mind
I'm about to throw my wii remote at the tv
I'm doing it
I'm getting so pissed off
I'm just gonna lose everything
I'm not good at crashing balls
I'm not shit at this game i'm just screwed
I'm punching the air again
If I don't score one run at the top of the inning
In your face helen
IQ slider bar on your mii
Is this a fing joke to you wii sports
It bounced off his glove
It's pissing me off
Jackass at basketball and baseball
John Wick
Just enough to FK ME!
Just make my day
Keep turning
Kentaro's baby
Kinda cheating ass bullshit is that
Lightly hit that one and it's not working
Look at the knees
Losing brain cells
Matt you're a disappointment to my family
Moving my arms back and forth
Mr. Krabs
My baby's a fing btch
No it's the first fing place you picked
No you're a dck
Of course
Of course he gets a fing eight
Oh come on bro
Okay whatever game
One wii remote left
Please be on a NO!
Please let me win FK
Plus five
Poofesure losing his shit
Poofesure losing it
Poofesure Rage Rambling
Poofesure rage rambling 2
Poofesure's finger
Rachel you're a
Rage quit
Sanity meter cracking
Sanity meter cracking 2
Sanity meter cracking 3
Scream 2
Screw you
She hit me with a fing ball
Shinnosuke fail
Shy guy beach
Since when is that a single
Smashing wii remote
Steve's glasses
Stop 2
Stop going in the grass
Swing at something
Thank you
That wii remote's dead
That's never a single
That's no victory
That's the shit we like to see
The batteries are once again in still and it's not working
The chain chomp decides to go in
The controller is not broke
The worst team in wii sports history
Theo just do not get a six
There's so much uhhing I could be watching porn
These Mr. Krabs piss me off
These spawns are shitty as well
This game is fing retarded
This is bullshit
This is some absolute horse shit
This is the last TV in my house
This is what we need
This is what you get
This is why I don't play boxing
This is why I'm mad at Wii Sports baseball
This stupid fking Wii Remote
Throw my remote at the tv to get it to hit hard enough
Throwing Wii Remote
Turn 2
Turn mario
Two broken wii remotes
Two points
Two times in a row fk it let's make it a game
Wait no that's a strike
Wait wait i'm gonna faint
Wario screw you
Was that a fing troll
We better catch this
We don't fing clap for ties
We lost all our hearts to the fking scrubs
We should be done with this inning
We won
Well gimme a break
What are they there
What are we doing
What are we doing mario
What are you doing
What are you kidding me
What do I do
What does beef boss do
What is the matter
What is wrong with my wii remotes
What is your problem
What sad excuse for a basketball team are we
What that was not a strike
What the fk just hit me
What's wrong
When it doesn't matter
Where the fk is that going
Where the fk is that going fish sticks
Where's the sportsmanship
Who puts a banana there
Why are we not turning
Why are we punching the air
Why are we turning LEFT