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Applause (longer burst)
Applause (short burst)
Bridge wound down
Bridge wound up
Cannon fire (simulated)
Electrically operated reefer curtain (heard from audience)
Flashpot deeper note (with reverb)
Flashpot dry
Flashpot as used in Victorian period (with reverb)
Gatling gun (simulated)
Geni trap lowered
Geni trap lowered onto stage
Geni trap opening
Hemp flying
Noise on stage (heard from beneath stage)
Railway simulating machine
Railway simulating machine running faster
Reefer curtain with rings (heard from stage)
Revolver shot (simulated)
Sloth opened, sent up, brought back down
Three thunder claps simulated by rolling cannon ball (as used in Elizabethan theatre)
Trap closed up
Trap door opened (for an object)
Trap door opened (from 10 feet away)
Trap opened (near)
Trap opened all the way
Trap opened, person emerges
Two pairs of footsteps from foyer up to gallery (with traffic at beginning)
Two pairs of footsteps up to dress circle