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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alabama_Yokel_v2 0 Soundboard Sound
And if you want to call me, you work with sound a ***** call. Make only a *********** ************ Call Maine.
And speak the point of a bed.
And that case is on the way. I'm ahead there is locked up.
And when you get home.
Are you a chicken chips on the big cats? what I believe you really hard.
Are you probably suck young *** **** you ******* idiot.
Are you stupid ****** ******* that you again?
But ******* phone are you talking about you? Stupid ****** ******
But if I find out if I thank you, I thank you all. I'm gonna put a beating on your ****** ******* *** You count on it.
Can I help you with something?
Could you tell me where you at? That's all I wanna know.
Did nobody here you right? You scared ****** ****** I love you both. Tell somebody who you are big man.
Do you like my better big trucker? Know him.
Do you want to be a big second hide behind the *** **** number that pay nobody called you back yet be * **** ******* *** ** * *****
Don't feel bad ****** ****** just leave me somewhere I don't wanna hear about myself.
Feel Right ************ Poppy God Damnit off.
God Dam News ****
Got it, you got on the *** **** number you stupid ****** ******
Ha, I've got people working on this and if we catch you I'm gonna prosecute your ***
Hello Frank, how you doing?
Hello yeah what number my darling?
Hey **** you.
Hey, I can hear ************* I ask is what I like today.
Hey, I show you on the middle oven. Whole life is you *********** up jerk your *** **** head off.
Hi ****** ****** I thought you. I thought you ****** ** Let me get your number give me young number he's alright let me tell you from my cell phone number here.
Hi Hi **** you.
Hi hi prick you ************ that call Maine.
Hi, how are you talking to?
Hi, thank you something ******* else to do planet God Dam Rd get run over in your neck brace.
How how ******* FBI trying to get this number blocked? You think you are smart ************ getting it done but they're working on it?
How will for California? Yes, little bit got damn by ******* a 3000 miles away.
I **** your *** **** myself to buy a joke Mama it's not your way.
I began to make you any ******* where you wanna meet but you're *********** song a ***** You won't leave a message on answer machine or you won't even you won't even a compliment or real number. So...
I bet you suck your Daddy's **** is so used to it.
I didn't vote for no ******* Obama.
I don't care if you're a woman, are you or you call Maine. You step up in a man's voice.
I don't care. I'm going through enough in my life right now. I don't care about all this **** leave me alone.
I don't make you *** **** Isas.
I got a tank full of gas. I'll let you wanted to **** you wanna make that?
I got you got that one right now you ****** ******
I guess.
I have ****** ****** you on again.
I haven't called you and I'm OK you something laying Mega **** alone.
I hope you die in busting out wide open.
I know buddy dog your number.
I mean a damn sight couples and stuff. Just laugh, listen to you type an Irish it. I mean we don't try to nail your *** an I hope you who I think you are so I can beat the *** **** hell out of you.
I tell you something, I wish you was here close like it took your *** **** ***
I thought you don't Dallas number no more.
I want why are you in telling me? I think you're calling the wrong person.
I wish she was closer and you don't eat meat main. I'd beat your mother brings out.
I wish you would drive down here to make me some more like a beat. Your *** **** brains out.
I'd like to hope you got there. My *** is what I'd like to do.
I'll be glad when they catch it.
I'll cut your ******* head out **** down your ******* neck.
I'll let me give you a number to call.
I'll try to Missouri. Just choke your *** **** Eyeballs.
I'm done with that. I'm *** **** number you stupid *** ** * ***** Would you find out the number to call?
I'm done with that. I'm *** **** number you stupid *** ** * ***** Would you find out the number to call? But you might not wanna **** ******* ****** ******* homework.
I'm gonna kill you. I'm telling you nobody called you from here.
I'm gonna make that you *** ** * ***** just named it twice.
I'm OK you something.
I'm on break your ****** ******* brains out.
If you so bad and brave, why don't you just just tell me what you wanna make today?
It's a shame ******* vote saying that like it, they got a little bit of seen it.
Just give me the God Dam directions. All coming, I'll be by myself, laying you ************ Let's get it on.
Let me ask you something.
Let me say what he wants to say.
My *** **** number.
No, I'm feeling better man.
No, I'm scared.
Not a ******
Play me the **** alone what color is talking number?
Putting them in here, I'll show you want no bad ************ on this telephone. It's not. It's not running. *** **** eyes are going down he sorry ****** ****** *** **** ******* *********** what you...
Right, right, right.
So you can correct.
Stop choking you *** **** eyes pop out your head.
Sure, ** **** Daniel got them throat.
Tell me where you at. I'll come get your *** **** ***
Tell me who you are, and then later, and let's get it all.
Thank **** you.
Thank you so bad. You ******* just ******* make make dog you gotta do.
Thank you suck. My *** **** **** You brother Nick ************
The *** **** phone you ain't got nothing.
There you are.
Very good.
Walk and talk.
We just got damn scared to put a booking number on here, ain't you?
Well, you called here Sir can I hit you?
Where you at?
Who the **** are you?
Yeah hello.
Yeah, reaching you *** ** * ***** I hate your *** **** brains out.
You ain't nothing but a yellow belly. Summer ***** is all you are. And if I find out who you are I'm gonna beat your *** **** eyes out.
You ain't that bad, you know. Yeah, very summer ***** it wants to hide behind the telephone.
You are bad math summer ***** but your lowlife summer ***** 'cause you in a manual *********** summer *****
You are scared *********** 'cause you hide behind ****
You buy some of the banking, will tell somebody who you are now.
You call me you stupid mother.
You did not hear Stupid ****** ******
You don't even know where the **** you at.
You don't want I'm behind alright, don't nobody.
You got damn Yankee.
You just don't call.
You just said logo using that annoys.
You know *** **** idiot.
You know it Cortana? Where are some a *****
You might not wanna big sucking ****** ******* homework.
You OK momma sport good are you? Why?
You said bad, just tell me where you at girl.
You so brave you *** ** * ***** Why don't you make me some more?
You still * **** ******
You still here.
You Stupid ****** ******
You tell me where you wanna make that buddy.
You tired, you call me by my name tell me how bad you are.
You you are ignorant, Lowlife Stupid ****** ******
*** **** homework turned the big.
**** ** **** the **** you are.
**** ******
**** you, you remember her ****** ******* **** Licking You are *** **** liquor you *** ** * *****
**** you.
**** you.
**** you.
****** ******* What you want?