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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alcohol and drug hotline.
Are you ******* serious? You're the ******* big like he's calling our house.
Are you that lonely?
Because I am so scared of you.
Buddy, you already fuckin said that.
Call my Goddamn house one more fucking time, I'm gonna come and kick my foot so far up your ass, you aren't gonna move!
Call my house and I will call the police.
Can you please squeeze my nose?
Canadian Teens Soundboard Sound
Do something With You Like Apple.
Do you actually know how to life?
Do you know how old I am?
Do you wanna trace it?
Figure 40 year old man harassing a 12 year old.
Four times this morning up in what I say about an 8 minute period. Do you even have a *** **** life?
Frank, Gary
Fuck me.
Fuck you.
Go **** yourself.
He man my life goal is to go see some kids in Africa and Ecuador in Kenya.
Hey, I'm calling the police. This is ******** stop calling my house.
How old are you?
I am going to drink the cum.
I have your cell phone number.
I hope you die and burn in Hell.
I love the nice big cock in my mouth.
I love to guzzle that cum!
I'm a comedian.
I'm an F-ing addict.
I'm calling from a hotel.
I'm cleaning up now, but I'm sure it's OK 'cause I'm sure you're gonna call back in less than 30 seconds.
I'm coming to your house and kicking your face, and because this is ******* ******** 5 phone calls in 10 minutes. This is ********
I'm not calling you. No one has touched our phone this morning.
I'm the girl for you. I always suck the cum right out of the cock!
It's called you're a ***
It's your mom.
Like who the **** do you think you are?
Man, you just make me so ***** like some 50 year old guy.
Maybe your mom shouldn't be putting your name over the line.
Next time I get this phone call, I'm calling the police because this is a load of crap.
No, actually I don't think I can.
Oh do you want my address?
Oh I can handle it.
Oh my God, you are a 50 year old ******* lady. Stop pretending that you are 13 and ******* in mature body.
Oh sorry, someone else is calling me on K bye.
Oh, here's my friend Kathy she loves ******* **** Here we go.
Only 'cause you're too. Plus you're over the phone. How come to my house next time?
Scary ******** I can't ******* grow a set.
Shut up.
So you do like men.
So you want my address?
Through the immature little ***** are calling my house with this number.
Trace it then bud. I don't know how I'm gonna stop you.
Watch you can't drug and alcohol hotline *******
Watching shut up. OK, go back someone else and go get High *******
Watt ha.
We know it's who they say is because it's coming from the same ******* number.
Well, you kinda wasting my phone bill and I don't want to talk to any fagots anymore, so **** ***
What is your life goal, to find a nine tit?
What is your problem? Why the hell do you keep calling your head?
Where is college drug and alcohol. Because we have tried in alcohol problems, right?
Who is the temperature in little kid that's ******* play? These guys are recording trying to freak you, said.
Who is this?
Who is this?
Who the fuck are you?
Will get the police to track your *** **** number and press charges on your story little ***
Would you like to know my name?
Would you like to know the name of your- The hotel?
You are that lonely.
You don't have a life.
You're a ***
You're fast.
You're fat.
You're full of ****
You're sick of you ******* calling my house. Next time you do I will find out where you live and teach you a ******* lesson.
You're you scared my little sister last time you called so long she just stop get a light or I'll call the police OK.
Your momma not give you any toys to play with when you were young.