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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right, Mr. More pieces on board with a bag full of bullets. Handsome clips now to work. **** you wanna do this ****
All right, yes, ****** ******
Almost two times.
Are you gonna do is give me address ************ with the **** you talking about?
Boo ******* to get my ******* number.
Call baby, maybe some ************* wanna right now.
Children will smoke this blunt 'cause you're full of ****
Cortana is ****** ******
Don't start jacking off the side of your ******* that just give me your ******* address.
Give Me 2 minutes ****
Give me a ******* answer, us.
Give me the address mobile **** I'm trying to hear that talk ****
Give me the address to Explorer.
Give me your ******* address home.
Give me your ******* address home.
Hey, what you know what we can do this give me a ******* address.
How did you not gonna phone don't mean ****
I don't bother calling your house eating fish.
I will come to you.
I would born you talking about.
I'll see your ***** *** soon, *****
I'm a million like you **** **
Just talking all that ****
Knock, knock.
Little *****
Make me some ************* where this ****
Mama, **** your Mama tonight too.
Maybe somewhere.
More Clippers winner this robot shores.
My pleasure as carbon clipping your *** ***** You know the deal.
No messed up accusatorial ***** I wanna put two 300 pounds on my back to like shoot ****** ******* over. Maybe someone ************ you got 5 minutes maybe something walking where?
No you ****** ****** Yes OK, oh **** who?
Oh God, so ******* married hole was so ******* address.
Oh here we go with this **** again.
Oh my ******* **** hole shot. Tell me a ******* plus.
Picture soon.
Snake hilarious.
Sure, ****** ******* world ******** meet me somewhere.
Talking out the side of your neck search.
Tell me a ******* address home boy, give me outlook. I've been calling you quit. Give me the ******* address.
That's Alright, Maine.
Urgent care clinic job and you come here. So if you wanna address ****** ****** give me one.
Wait, did you talking **** first? Ownership quit.
Well, what the **** is your problem?
What is better? ****** ******* whole points. You may be somewhere should stay there.
Where are you calling calling? Mike will have your dragon now ***** You were serious. Quit calling my career and my whole family on the police force ***** but it's only gonna take Maine and you.
Yeah, something so ***** come here so I can't wait to smoke this ****** ******* Barrow. More signal Hill and milk popping your ****** ******* ***
Yes, soon as **** First, we'll ********
You give me yours, *****
You will quite full color. You need a ****** ****** like me to put you on some misery *****
YouTube cause this how will pop you what is clip baby ******* stupid ****
**** smoking Philippine stores ***** **** without doing you.
****** ****** talking out the side of your neck.
****** ******* mother. **** you in your household so ****** ****** pulmonary talking cleaner ***** **** you get this number **** sucker.
****** ******* water.