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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All I'm doing is buying time 'cause I'm ******* getting your number in your address now.
Are you that ******* high you *** ** * *****
Come and I'll show you what I'll do to you.
Come on down you ******* piece of ****
Come on down.
Come on down.
Come on down.
Come on down.
Do you wanna just talk if you wanna talk I'll get a recording and I'll put on there for you. Talk to the ******* recording.
Excuse me
Get a ******* ****** You ******* piece of ****
Get your *** over here and I'll show you a budget for the only factor is gonna be around here.
Go **** yourself.
Go **** yourself.
Go ******* kill yourself.
Good morning.
Guys like you, I would ****** tournament to woman.
Have a good day.
I said You're my ******* foot so far up your *** you might enjoy it.
I'll **** you so hard you'll turn to a ****** Come on down, you ****** ************
I'll find you, that's OK.
I'll show you ****** Come on down.
I'm not ******* dialing, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
If you call you again and if you don't wanna ******* come, I promise you, I will find you and your ******* break your legs or shutting down your ******* throat.
If you don't have my number, how to **** You get ahold of me.
It's not us.
Listen, if you got nothing better to do, go get a ******* dog.
Man, you got your fax all ****** **
Mexican Faggot Soundboard Sound
Nobody called you, you're calling Maine.
Nobody's ******* calling you you ******* piece of ****
Nobody's calling your house.
Nobody's trying to call you what the **** is your ******* problem, man?
On a life or go, kill yourself. How about that?
Piece of ****
Play tremble.
Push it in blood.
She can drop you off for $5 to get a crack head.
Thank you.
What do you what is your problem and argue that high?
What is your problem man?
What you wanna ******* come get you right now give me your ******* address.
Where are you coming from? I'll even give you directions. Are you ******* give you a MapQuest?
Where you at?
Where you coming from?
Who is this?
Who the **** you trying to call you ******* piece of ****
Who you trying to ******* call?
Why you calling?
Why you calling?
Yeah, nothing to do with your life, but to call over here in her *** beat.
Yeah, only ******* inbred you **** ******* ****** ******
You *** ** * *****
You *** ** * *****
You *** ** * ***** you hallucinate ING ************
You ****** ************
You ******* coward where you coming from.
You ******* crackhead, why you calling you?
You ******* got amnesia. You ******* hallucinate ING ************
You ******* piece of **** coward.
You already have my number, that's why you calling me you ***********
You are ******* crackhead. Nobody ******* likes you.
You come over here talking **** because you are ******* coward.
You got no life.
You just called Maine.
You know what? Go get some help.
You might enjoy the life on next year. So before you ******* collapse and die.
You miss me, huh?
You want some more.
You wasted air that somebody else could be breathing. That's worth ******* breathing you **** ******
You're calling my ******* business and asking us if we're calling you.
You're not ******* address you ******* **** ******
You're tough over the ******* phone. You *** ** * *****
You're tough over the phone.
Youporn, over here you don't know who the **** is calling you. It's not us.
Your ******* color.
Your ******* crack head.
Your ******* hallucinating.
4353 point tremble.
**** you you.
**** you.