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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All all fuck you mother man.
Call service
Come over I'll do Black Eyed motherfucker.
Comma here all our children have motherfucker.
Comma let me see I can shoot you in your ass motherfucker. I'm not daddy.
Do you wanna go man you are gay?
Fuck you mother man.
Got soccer.
I choose you, motherfucker.
I sure you mother fuckers what you think?
I think you like index too much.
I'm your daddy. I will put your mother, man.
If your man come talk to me over here, motherfucker.
Let me pull my gonna come over here if you want.
Motor professional bitch.
Never forget you have any problem.
Oh man.
OK, I'm gonna shoot you in the ass motherfucker.
Second, did you bend over here OK?
Shut up mother fucker bitch.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Sure, my brother.
Tell me right now.
Thermal gun motherfucker bitch.
We go back to Middle East motherfucker.
Who is this?
Why do you like Indian Dick?
Yeah, come on here.
Yeah, please is coming right now to get you right now. Be there in a minute.
Yes, how you doing.
You don't know how to talk English.
You don't watch it.
You have a Afro man.
You know what you talking like shit in your mouth?
You mother fucker shit.
You're missing my mom's obituary. Apologize about you. Ordered it.
Your mom's a bitch.
Your piece of shit.