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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Baby Chicks
Barred Owl Call
Best Cardinal Bird
Best Cardinal Bird Lazy
Bird In Rain Mike Koenig
Birds After Rain
Black Crows Cawing
Bluejay Call
Bluejay Call
Brant Goose
Broad Winged Hawk
Canadian Geese Migration
Cartoon Birds
Common Tern Warning Call
Crow Call Jimbob
Crows Calling Jimcrow
Demon Girls Mockingbird Hello
Dove Mike Koenig
Eaglet Bird
Eaglet Bird
Falcon Mark Mattingly
Frog Stephan Schutze
Geese Flying
Hawk Call
Hawk x 4
Horned Owl Mike Koenig
Killdeer Song Mike Koenig
Laughing Kookaburra Birds Christopher
Loading Shotgun
Male Common Tern Calls
Mallard Duck Call
Mallard Duck Mike Koenig
Mallard Duck Quacking Mike Koenig
Meadowlark Daniel Simion
Merlin Mark Mattingly
Min April Rainstorm Mike Koenig
On The Farm
Osprey Call
Owl Hooting
Pair Of Laughing Gulls
Parakeet Talking
Parots Talking
Parrot Talking Marta Lorena
Peacock Bird
Peacock Call
Peacock Noise
Pissed Off Duck Mike Koenig
Pterodactyl Screech Mike Koenig
Quack Quack
Rainforest Ambience Glorysunz
Red Shouldered Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk
Rudy Rooster Crowing Shelley
Screaming Hawk
Screaming Hawk
Screaming Hawk
Stomach Growling
Sunday Church Ambiance
Sunny Day
Tornado Siren Ii Delilah
Turkey Assembly Call
Turkey Cluck And Purr
Turkey Gobble
Turkey Hen Yelping
Turkey Purring
Turkey Putt
Turkey Tree Call
Warbling Vireo Mike Koenig