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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A licensed bailbondsman
A little familiar
A regular drunk driving
According to the jail
All I can do is
All kinds of drug charges
Are you the gentleman who my phone is ringing
Are you there
Bail between $25k and $50k
Bail bonds
Be patient
Because her sentence was over
Because I just
Beverly Flower
Blows me away
But according to this
Can i get a job
Come on in and see me
Do I have a what
Do it
Do you just want to argue with me or do you want me to help you
Do you know what that 8 digit number is?
Do you wanna bail her out?
Does he do that a lot to other people
Don't call anymore
Figure out what I'm calling
FILLER I don't know
FILLER Ya know I
Fred Herbert
GE Refrigerators for sale
Give you a call back
Go ahead
Gonna cost more than $500
Good luck with that one
Hang on
Happy grandmas day
Hard to get in there
Haven't we been talking about this
He got arrested for a fight at chads
Hiring 1
Hiring 2
His bails over 1 million
How come your phones disconnected
I can look right now too
I don't know anything more than that
I don't know what Im reaching here
I gte 50 prank calls
I guess that didn't matter did it
I have no business inquiring
I know a lot of people that have them too
I uh probably (GPA)
I uh probably got an iq of about
I walked around
I'd like to talk to
I'd like to talk to joan
I'm a bailbondsman
I'm not the only one this happens to
I'm sorry sir I can't tell you
I'm sorry WHAT
I'm sorry WHAT 2
I'm sorry what 3
I'm trying to find him
I've been collecting them for years
I've copywrited everything
I've got 150
If I can
If you want to
Is he here illegally
It says her sentence ends
It's because of the story
It's pomona
Its 78
July 7th
Just a minute here it takes
Keep us up on your phone number
Laying out in the desert
Let me look on their website
Let's look and make sure
NA Meeting
No hyphonated last name
No the phone number
Nobody can (Fred 1) make money
Nobody can (Fred 2) make money
Nobody can (Fred 3) make money
Nobody can (Herbert Bail Bonds) make money
Nobody can (Me 1) make money
Nobody can (Me 2) make money
Nobody can (Me 3) make money
Nobody can (You can't) make money
Nobody can make money on a bailbond
Not much anymore
Not you
Okay hang on
Okay let's see
Okay whats your name
Once in a while
Pardon me
Passed out cards
People used to beg me to do it
RANT JailShe
RANT Plates 1
RANT Plates 2
RANT Plates 3
RANT Plates 4
RANT Plates 5
RANT Plates 6
RANT Plates 7
RANT Plates 8
RANT Despite these calls
Rant Since 2009 FULL
Released on
Remember that was a car
Run into this constantly
Seem real excited to talk to me
Seemed pretty quick
September 3rd
She was booked on
Since 2009
So you say she's still there
Spell that for me
That's not correct
That's what its gonna cost you
The jacksons
They have to build a little house
They took her away
Tried to call you back
Uh 1
Uh 2
Uh 3
Uh 3
Uh 4
Uh 5
Uh 6
Very interesting
Well hey
Well I know but thats why I told you that
Well sir the first thing I asked you
When I was a cop
When you're ready to give me the information
Which one
Why was she arrested
Workign people
You just hang on
You still see 'em out there
You're on your way to my office
$1,000,000 2