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All Star Theme Tails [''No Fear'' from Sonic Adventure] (1)
Green Hill Zone (Act 2) 3DS
Green Hill Zone From SEGA Genesis
Green Hill Zone, (Act 2) Super Speed 3DS
Green Hill Zone, (Act 2) Super Speed PS3 PS4 XBOX 360
Green Hill Zone, (Act 2) Xbox 360 PS3 PS4
Green Trill Zone Sonic Remix 320
Sonic 2 Music Emerald Hill Zone (1 player) [extended] 320
Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) GOTTA GO FAST [SONIC X Theme song] Music video 320
Sonic X Gotta Go Fast!
Sonic X Opening Gotta Go Fast
Sonic.EXE Sonic.EXE The Game OST Theme of Sonic.EXE Hill Act 1 gym SAD MUSIC
Theme Title Short XBOX 360 PS3 PS4 3DS
05. Temple Theme
08 Hyrule Castle
1 Genersis Era 19 Sky Sanctuary Zone, Act 2
1 Genersis Era 20 Sky Sanctuary Zone, Act 2 (Speed Up!)
1 26 All Star Theme Sonic [''Reach for the Stars'' from Sonic Colors]
10 Final Zone
8. Escape from the City