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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A quip it wasn't quite what the **** is that?
All ******* day is for sino.
All ******* ready.
All the damn proud of it.
And our size hole.
Angry Grandma Sound
Angry Grandma Sound
Angry Grandma Sound
Angry Grandma.
Apink your ******* eyes.
Back to him.
Bars bars.
Bring your own.
Bucket I swatted cyan.
Bucket, Shea
But ***** I shut him notice.
But call trapping getting ******* break cows.
But they don't ride. No ******* horse.
Bye bye ******* cord I so.
Call club will find out who the **** you are and I will **** you up.
Cause I will find your eyes.
Core gives me the ****
Did you come here? Start this ****
Do you understand?
Don't call no ******* more.
Eat my ass, and all that shit.
Get up bucking room.
Goodnight doing a ****** ******* fight.
Halo UK trade. Don't ******* why so why the **** him? I argued with you about it.
Hell no.
Hell no.
Hell no. Why the **** I will write my name in the bathroom.
Hey little ************
I agree, Grandma.
I could do that ****** ******
I don't give a damn if it is.
I don't give a damn it they was giving them away. ******* fruit.
I don't give a damn. I take it back and get my money back.
I don't know ******* nothing about diamonds.
I don't know how the **** I got it.
I don't know what the **** is this.
I don't know.
I hate his ******* head.
I love my cigarettes.
I talk about ******* porn.
I will stop a butt hole in your eyes. So if you call here a ******* kid, do you understand what I'm saying? ****** ******
I will welcome Berkeley, suited in febrile, my soldier over there.
I'd give the ******* **** away.
I'll be real real ******* cancel.
I'll get mine right here.
I'm a mermaid.
I'm telling you, I'll beat your ******* eyes.
I've got about four five level.
Is Spider-Man a fucking Western?!
It act Friday. It's Saturday, ************ Today is Saturday.
It don't look like it.
It makes me ****
It started a while ago.
It's a boy and a girl.
Local ****** ******* back get ahold of they won't call me no ******* more. I'll tell you that.
Look at that.
Michael Jackson
Might be happy, bouncy, what he does.
Nora Roberts
OK, there's Gunsmoke.
Quit calling here.
Right, well stirred up. You're having a party, is he invited?
She's naked.
Shut the **** **
Sure, Bob guys.
Taco Bell
That Star Wars.
They said You're in body.
They won't tell who it is.
They'll call the cops on granny tonight
This motherfucker!
Timer now let's do it, but without the ******* tamor hell no.
Turn it out loud.
What bar?
What do you get this ******* time?
What it say.
What the ****
What the **** say say it?
What the **** the Queen?
What's a fart?
What's your address?
Who is the city white?
Yeah, right?
Yes I am.
You *******
You accidentally **** on yourself.
You got ****** Establish this Saturday.
You got it all.
You little ****** ******
You little stupid *** ** * *****
You supposed to be so ******* good at it.
You're a ******* wet if that's what you are.
Your ****
**** or my ******* eyes.
**** you ************
****** don't know why Casey.