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SCP Soundboard

SCP Soundboard

The SCP Foundation is a fictional secret organization documented by the collaborative writing wiki project of the same name. The SCP universe has inspired numerous adaptations and fan-made works in widely varying forms of media, including drama, novels and video games.
See also: SCP, WinSCP, SCP – Containment Breach, The King in Yellow, Scps, Secure copy protocol.

Alpha Warhead Detonation Fail
Attention All Personnel
Attention Please
Checkpoint Closing Alarm
Detonating Alpha Warhead
Feeling Tired?
Get Motivated
Lever Flip
Lure Anyone
Lure Are You Injured
Lure Are You Okay
Lure Attack 1
Lure Attack1
Lure Attack2
Lure Attack3
Lure Guys
Lure Hello
Lure Helloo
Lure I Thought I Lost You
Lure Is Someone There
Lure Oh There You Are
Lure Show Me Yourself
Lure What The Hell Is Going On Man
Lure Where Are You
Lure Who The Hell Is There
Lure Who's There
Lure attack 3
Movie Night
MTF 049 Spotted2
MTF 049 Spotted3
MTF 049 Spotted4
MTF 049 Spotted5
MTF 096 Spotted2
MTF 106 Spotted2
MTF 106 Spotted3
MTF 173 Contained Successfully
MTF 173 In Box2
MTF 173 In Box3
MTF 173 In Chamber1
MTF 173 In Chamber2
MTF 173 In Chamber3
MTF 173 In Chamber4
MTF 173 Spotted1
MTF 173 Spotted2
MTF 173 Spotted3
MTF Alarm
MTF Blinking
MTF ClassD Found2
MTF ClassD Found3
MTF ClassD Found4
MTF ClassD Found5
MTF ClassD Found6
MTF ClassD2
MTF ClassD3
MTF ClassD4
MTF D9341 Abort
MTF D9341 Termination
MTF Entered the facility
MTF Gate
MTF No Survivors
MTF Only one Class D remains
MTF Random2
MTF Random3
MTF Safety
MTF SCP 173 Broken Out
MTF Searching2
MTF Searching3
MTF Searching4
MTF Searching5
MTF Stop2
MTF Stop3
MTF Stop4
MTF Stop5
MTF Stop6
MTF Target Lost2
MTF Target Lost3
MTF Target Terminated2
MTF Target Terminated3
MTF Target Terminated4
MTF We got to run
Nuke Explosion
Pizza Day
Report Suspicious Activites
SCP Spotted1
SCP Spotted2
SCP Spotted3
SCP Spotted4
SCP Spotted5
SCP Spotted6
SCP Spotted7
SCP-096 Chase
Stay Secured
Tesla Gate PowerUp
Tesla Gate Shock
Tesla Gate WindUp
Warhead Siren
We'll just get somebody else
You're going the wrong way
(Class D9341) Cough1
(Female Scientist) Scream
(Guard) Get Back To The Chamber
(Guard) Scream1
(Guard) They got some work for you
(Scientist) Approach SCP 173 for testing
[Alarms] Alarm1
[Announcements] On
[Femur Breaker] (Class D) Hello?
[Interact] Access Denied
[MTF] 049 Spotted1
[MTF] 096 Spotted1
[MTF] 106 Spotted1
[MTF] 173 In Box1
[MTF] Breath
[MTF] ClassD Found1
[MTF] ClassD1
[MTF] Random1
[MTF] Safe
[MTF] Searching1
[MTF] Stop1
[MTF] Target Lost1
[MTF] Target Terminated1
[SCP 049] Breath
[SCP 079] Broadcast1
[SCP 096] Elevator Slam
[SCP 096] (Guard) Server Room 1
[SCP 106] (Janitor) 106 Abduct
[SCP 173] Neck Snap1
[SCP 939] Attack1
(Chaos Insurgency) You're coming with us
(Class D) *Femur Breaker*
(Class D) *Sniffing and crying*
(Class D) I don't like this, I really don't
(Class D) I just want to leave, please
(Class D) Is anyone out there?
(Class D) Let me go!
(Class D) Please let me go!
(Class D) Refuse1
(Class D) Refuse2
(Class D) Refuse3
(Class D9341) Cough2
(Class D9341) Cough3
(Class D9341) Fall Damage
(Guard) By The Way
(Guard) Disappointed
(Guard) Follow the instructions
(Guard) Get In The Chamber
(Guard) Get out of your cell
(Guard) He's getting away
(Guard) Hurry up
(Guard) I already hate my job
(Guard) Im still disappointed
(Guard) Just follow me
(Guard) Let's not waste anymore time
(Guard) Oh Sh
(Guard) Pissed Class D
(Guard) Scream2
(Guard) Scream3
(Guard) Wth Is Happening
(Guard) You are the dumbest test subject we ever had
(Janitor) Pocket Dimension
(Scientist) All Class D enter the Containment Chamber
(Scientist) Begging
(Scientist) Dying
(Scientist) There seems to be a problem with the door control system
(SCP 106) *Laugh*
[SCP 096] (Guard) *Suicide*
[SCP 096] (Guard) Crying
[SCP 096] (Guard) Server Room 2
049 Detected
049 Do Not Be Afraid
049 Good
049 Greetings
049 Hello
049 I Am The Cure
049 I Can See You
049 I Hear You Breathing
049 I Know You Are In Here
049 I Need To Get To Work
049 I Sense The Disease In You
049 Im Not Trying
049 Kidnap
049 Let's Get This
049 My Cure Is Most Effective
049 Oh My
049 Ringo Ringo Roses
049 Stop Resisting
049 There You Are
049 There's No Need To Hide
049 You're Not a Doctor
079 Broadcast2
079 Broadcast3
079 Broadcast4
079 Broadcast5
079 Broadcast6
079 Broadcast7
079 Gate B
079 Refuse
079 Speech
079 Testroom WARNING
096 Triggered
173 Neck Snap2
173 Neck Snap3
173 Running1
173 Running2
173 Running3
939 Attack2
939 Attack3
939 Hey Who's There
939 Oh God What The Hell Is That
939 What The Hell Are You