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Created by geraintlewis268 1,774 29,326
Rubbadubbers: Sploshy Soundboard

Rubbadubbers: Sploshy Soundboard

Splish, Splash, Splosh! Sploshy has come to make prank calls with this new soundboard! Credit goes to the legendary Maria Darling for her incredible work voicing Sploshy from Rubbadubbers.

UPDATE (12 February 2021): 73 new sounds have been added to 327 since the soundboard's initial release, rounding up to a total of 400 sounds.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A singer in the band would sound great!
A splash fun-o-bath?
Ahem... 1
Ahem... 2
All day long!
All right stop copying me now
All you have to do is wipe the floor
And I hope you've learned your lesson!
And now for your listening pleasure...
Anyone know what this is?
Are there any more bubbles to follow?
Are you all right?
Are you still building that tower?
Aren't there any other explorers you can eat?
At your service!
Bathtime fun for everyone!
Be like that!
Be my guest!
Bet you can do this!
Can I help?
Can I play too?
Can you blow some bubbles for us please?
Can you go to the island and bring us some more good news about our new home
Can you guide me through the rocks?
Can you make us some more please?
Clean it now please!
Come and play with us
Come and see my rock painting
Copy me!
Could somebody help me up?
Could you show me the way?
Counting stars
Curly-Wurly Sploshy here
Detective Sploshy at your service!
Did you know that the funniest thing in the whole world is...
Do you have to fly now?
Do you think you could fan me next?
Do your tie move again!
Don't be silly! 1
Don't be silly! 2
Don't go!
Don't you hate it when my team scores?
Don't you want to be a prince then?
Draw the sun the way it really is
Driving a tractor is so much fun
Everyone wants you to eat their cakes
Everything's going to be just fine
Excuse me, Mr Traindriver...
Family Fortunes wrong answer buzzer impersonation
Game's over!
Give him a name
Go away!
Got it
Have you found the monster?
Have you got news?
Haven't you ever seen a sponge concentrate? Now stop being silly and let me think!
Haven't you got enough bubbles?
He's very good a this, isn't he?
Hello everyone!
Here are your presents
Here goes...
Hey, I'm not a bird anymore
Hey! 1
Hey! 2
Honk, honk, honk! 1
Honk, honk, honk! 2
How can it be good news?
How will I ever get there?
Hurry up!
I am Princess Sploshy of Splashadonia
I am Sploshy of the Splish Splash Swamp
I bet it's really fast
I came here to get cold
I can't believe the special shampoo's empty...
I can't do anything...
I can't even see the television!
I can't get through...
I can't reach it!
I could be a sidekick
I could ride along on a tractor all day long!
I could...
I could...but you made a rule against it!
I didn't know I was supposed to close the gate
I didn't see that rock
I do want to sit quietly and read
I do wish you weren't stuck in that bottle
I don't know about anybody else but I'm leaving
I don't want to be cool, I want to be freezing!
I don't want to be eaten by the shark!
I don't want to be warm and dry!
I have a room reserved
I have hair like a clown!
I hope you've learned your lesson!
I know that not everyone likes my sounds...
I like to cook
I love being star shaped!
I love playing circus!
I love playing wild west!
I mean it!
I need all the stones I can get
I never knew any of that
I should've stayed inside his tent...
I think it needs a bit more work...
I think it would be more fun to float around!
I want a room on the top floor
I want a room on the top floor; one with a view of the sea
I want all the shiny stones in the world!
I want to be a robber!
I want to be silly!
I want to make my first wish!
I was doing the Splish Sploshalula Dance!
I wish that it was raining in here, so that I can splash around in the puddles!
I wish there were some sounds to dance to!
I wish we had another bubble, so we could keep playing!
I'd love a swim...
I'd love it!
I'll get you!
I'll give it back to you when I'm finished
I'll go by myself!
I'll go on top!
I'll help you
I'll never get to sleep like this...
I'll play it cooking
I'm an acrobat!
I'm an explorer!
I'm cooking
I'm falling!
I'm going to do this!
I'm inside the Earth!
I'm leaving 1
I'm leaving 2
I'm Mrs. Sploshy
I'm not a bird anymore...
I'm not in the desert anymore...
I'm only clowning around!
I'm Rockpainter Sploshy
I'm Sploshy the Bing-Bong-Clonk Bird!
I'm Sploshy the Stoneseeker!
I'm Sploshybeard
I'm the boss!
I'm the first bathsponge!
I'm the winner
I'm tired now...
I'm too hot to move...
I've lost my wand
I've lost my wand and, I wondered if I could borrow yours?
I've painted a green square
If only everyone wanted me to make noise!
If only everyone would be clowns with me...
If only I could get all the shiny stones in the world...
If only I could get to sleep!
If only I had a tail...
If only I hadn't collected so many stones...
If only I lived on a farm!
If only I lived on a farm! (short)
If only I was somewhere really cold...
If only I'd remembered to close the gate...
If only my other wishes had made everyone so happy...
If only my wishes did come true...
If only they'd thought of doing that before!
If only we didn't have to feed the polar bears!
If only you would all copy me!
If only you would all stop being silly and let me concentrate!
If you say so...
If you want to play with the bubbles, you can
Isn't this a great noise!?
It didn't come true...
It doesn't matter
It took me all day
It wouldn't be fair...
It's a very quick monster
It's beautiful
It's Finbar Day...
It's no fun anymore!
It's no fun if you do everything...
It's quite difficult
It's so funny I can't say it!
It's time to go to the oasis!
It's time to run the bath!
It's too hot...
It's too quiet around here...
It's very nice
Just a little more lipstick...
Just warming up
Last one in the bath's a Big Bad Wolf!
Laugh 1
Laugh 2
Laugh 3
Let's all play monster hunting!
Let's play babies all day long!
Let's play clowns instead, it's much more fun!
Let's play some more after bathtime!
Listen to this
Look at the dust in here!
Look at these beautiful shiny stones
Lying on these beds feels just like floating on clouds
Maybe I can get to sleep now
No (x8)
No more bubbles!
Not until you promise to play with us!
Not yet...
Nothing gets past Goalkeeper Sploshy!
Now I have all the shiny stones in the world!
Now we can see who took your sponge
Of course
Oh alright!
Oh good
Oh no 1
Oh no 2
Oh no 3
Oh no 4
Oh no 5
Oh no 6
Oh no 7
Oh no no no
Oh now you're just being silly!
On my day off, I like to cook
On the moon it would be
One breakfast coming up
Our last underwater robot was eaten by a monster
Please don't bother me
Polar bears
Queen Sploshilla has decided that it's time to go to the oasis!
Ready for the first scene
See you another day
See you later
Shouldn't you be at school?
Show us something really scary!
Silly sheep...
So what are we going to play next?
Sounds like a plan to me
Splish splash splosh 01
Splish splash splosh 02
Splish splash splosh 03
Splish splash splosh 04