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Ashland Springs PD Soundboard

Ashland Springs PD Soundboard

Ashland Springs Police Department sound clips from the classic Flash Soundboard to play and download.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright, well you have 911. If you would like to verify that then please call 911 and ask if there's an employee by the name of Terri, because that's who I am.
And I put him on hold, and then I came back from holding on the line.
Appreciate it if you would stop using foul language because I didn't call you.
Bunker construction.
Did someone just call you?
Did you need dispatch?
Do you need assistance from an officer?
Hello Ashland Police.
Hello Ashland Police.
Hello, this is Ashland Police.
Hi this is the Police Department.
How can I help you?
I am not calling you.
I became an officer over there. Thank you.
I believe someone is where are you located located.
I don't know what you're trying to do here. I didn't call you I'm in a 911 center.
I have not called you.
I haven't called you, Sir.
I'm not sure. Have you talked to the still water please?
I'm sorry what.
Is that a 541 area code phone number?
Is that a 541 phone number?
My address is on Tech Rd. I'm the 911 Center for Jackson County.
My name is Danielle. Can you hold this one moment?
My name is Terry. I'm with the 911 center you called 7704784. Now are you harassing me?
No who you are, but I don't appreciate your language.
No, I did not call you.
No, I didn't. You just called me and I answered your phone call.
No, I don't think I've ever spoken to you before.
Oh no, no, no. He's just going off cussing and.
OK, and you need an officer to give you a call back.
OK, and you think it's a friend of yours is doing that?
OK, and your first name again was what?
OK, I don't know what number called you, but this is the Police Department. What number do you think called you?
OK, I'll get them in touch with you and see if that person is somehow making our number show up to harass you, OK?
OK, I'm sorry, but you wait, how can I help you?
OK, just one moment.
OK, this is Oregon. What's your prefix? Your area code in Oklahoma?
OK, we keep receiving calls from someone who's I rate yelling at me and he keeps calling back and I put him on hold and and then when I came back from the number you are on the line so I don't know...
OK, what phone number can also call you back at?
OK, what's the area code though?
OK, who who are you talking to?
OK, you want me to have the still water? Please call you back.
OK, you're telling me I called you.
One moment.
Real Police Department.
Richard holiday
Seems that they are weird harassing him and he's called 3 Times Now.
Sir, this is the Police Department in Medford, OR.
Springle Lane.
Still waters?
Still waters?
Thank you Doctor to call you back.
The area code.
This is Ashland police.
This is Ashland police.
This is the 911 Center for the Medford Communication Center.
This is the actual Police Department. This is not the person you think is harassing you.
This is the Police Department.
We are located in Ashland OR.
We did not call you, so if you think those numbers are harassing you and those aren't us.
Well, I wonder if then if she's just making it look like it's the Police Department phone number, 'cause it's not us.
What did you say?
What did you say?
What's the city?
What's the name of the city again?
What's your address? I can send an officer over there.
Which number do you think called you?
Which number do you think called you?
Which number do you think dialed you?
Who am I talking to?
Why did you call here? Did you need assistance?
Yes, may I help you?
You called Oregon. I'm not familiar with that.
You just called me. You just called the Police Department.
You just called the Police Department right now.
You just told me the address.
You're in Oklahoma.
2:15 what Lane?