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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A come guzzling fucking wheel.
Actually I'm collecting money for Gru peoples.
Boston Hitler Soundboard Sound
Boston Hitler Soundboard Sound
Boston Hitler Soundboard Sound
Boston Hitler Soundboard Sound
Boston Hitler Soundboard Sound
Can somebody with a mental disorder right?
Can you order something? I'm going to take a flight to your fucking time and I am gonna break your face.
Dairy Queen and fucking or breaking. Now you gotta McDonald's. You probably go to McDonald's and everybody looks at you. And then they they don't wanna fucking loser that *******.
Each model is doing that to people get arrested, saying shit like that you know that, right?
Fat back.
Fucking knock you the fuck out.
Fucking retard.
Fucking weasel.
Get all the dust off of it.
Get back in society. You fat you.
Girlfriend on the phone where?
He asshole you're a Jew, right? Could you meet you?
Here we go juice juice on like that YouTube.
Hey Jackass, I'm gonna break your big ******* nose.
Hey Jackass, I'm gonna find you you know that.
Hey miss you have been murdered before.
Hi how are you?
Hit it with the like of Stella Brush. Make sure all clean.
Hold on bro.
Hope somebody substantial like me, you know.
I know know you're due, right?
I really like that.
I'm gonna find you asshole. And I fucking beat you stupid.
I'm hoping that are fucking weird. Little weirdo like a fucking total fucking loser would call me, you know. So I didn't really want to beat somebody up on the street. Yeah, but I really, really I ...
I'm sorry too. I can teach you.
Is that funny? Yeah, I know you keep saying fucked up shit like that. That's awesome. Yeah and keep it going. Keep going screwball.
Jackass this is a fucking it's a sexual crime. Lee doing you know that right?
James, when you gonna call somebody up on the client phone call right? Just be funny jazz something funny about it. OK, take just don't be a fucking fucking pervert, OK?
Listen, we don't get it. Don't grab a gun and going to a school. Please don't do that is you seem like a real fucking loser.
Man, how are you? How are you doing today?
No, hey, no listen. It's my question. You're a Jew right like a like a fat screwball.
No, seriously.
No, who are you?
No, you you are you're due.
Now who's this?
Oh man, I gotta big Dick for you then.
Oh, it's you fucking Silverberg.
Polaris, God bless you.
Questions they get locked up and then you have to move into another place and go and knock and everybody's door and tell everybody your Pendergrass.
So whether it be fucking great, you know you get back in society. You know for being a fucking inadequate fucking weasel, you know.
Tell you one of these weird little fucking scumbag they got picked on and now you're making screwball phone calls, right? That's fucking hilarious. God bless you. Get back in society. You fat you.
That's that's pretty funny.
There you go. Yes, you sound like a fucking retard.
We you fucking inadequates fucking dirt bag your shit back. That's what you push it back, your noise, your shit George shitbag your warm bag that's what you want to worm bag fucking shit warm bag.
Weird fucking a little man. Then they know you don't even met your New York child, your fucking idiot.
Well, I I probably picked on you in high school or some shit. You know, 'cause you're a fucking loser.
What's going on bro?
What's going on free show?
What's going on, man?
What's going on?
What's going on?
With your fat right, you're overweight.
Wrong, you should have been aborted.
Yeah no, I put put on the other guy on the phone where.
Yeah you are.
Yeah, asshole. Get this when you move into a new town, right? You have to check in with the local Police Department and tell them that you're a fucking pervert. You know that, right?
Yeah, it's gonna happen again.
Yeah, yeah, you're fucking. You're an inadequate. You probably have a little fucking Dick. Inadequate little weasel.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you right you right.
You are *******, right, you *******.
You are you psycho mode you fucking weird fucking a little man then they know you haven't even met you at New York child. You are fucking idiot phone calls to normal people.
You are, you're a fucking loser. Your weirdo in this something seriously wrong with you?
You bitch.
You didn't get it. Get it and fucking in Hebrew class. Remember when you had to go to Hebrew class? You fucking weirdo?
You fucking weasel.
You Jill.
You know what I'm saying, right?
You'll get back in society for them for everybody that picked on you because you're a fat fucking scumbag, you know.
You're a fucking loser.
You're due, right?
You're due, right?
You're fat, you probably. Yeah, big fashion that and people then picking Aria all you fucking life and now you getting back at people, right?
You're you're fat, overweight, weasel, right?
Your fucking weasel your fucking. You want each little weird little fucking cunts like that people picked on. And now we know you're getting back at some. Like you know a good person like me becaus...
Your parents.
Your your your screwball due.