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About time what thou took you guys so long.
All fixed, thanks to me. You're welcome.
Anybody else's bullshit detector just go off.
Call. Come on. Stop pissing it off. How the hell you gonna tell me we're not to shoot this shit?
Check this out.
Come on, you through. What are you doing?
D2 out.
End of the line, folks.
Frag Out
Got him.
Got it.
Got one?
Great. Nice one.
Had to happen.
Hey, is that Cole? Cole, Get Me Out of here, man. Can you hear me?
I don't wanna hear it, man. Not a word.
I hope no one believes in ghosts.
I need ammo.
I'm out of ammo.
I'm out.
Incoming smoke.
Just plain talented.
Lock and load.
Never saw it coming.
No shit.
Oh great, that thing just had to open up, didn't it?
Oh, this is just wrong. I'm coughing up blood that ain't mine.
Ohh crap.
Ohh so hard to find good help. Come on.
Ohh yeah.
Out of ammo.
Screw you, man.
Shit, yeah.
Sounds so easy in theory, doesn't it?
That was fun.
There's shit everywhere.
This is alpha.
Throwing frag.
Throwing smoke.
Well, that's great.
What would you do without me?
Where the hell are you guys?
Where the hell are you guys? Hello.
Who's next?
Who's that talking?
Why the hell are they in such a hurry?
Worth a shot, man.
Yeah, that's right. Asshole. Question is who are you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Group hug.
Yo, Tom, don't touch that shit.
You get down here and see how much you like it. There's room for one more. It's a fucking party down.
You wanna die?