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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Are you a?
Are you a?
Can I help you?
Can't even speak for unbroken English get out.
Come on over, I'll give you the address you little piece of garbage come right over.
Come say it to my face. I’ll kill you, you cocksucker!
Could I recorded these conversations, you, stinking motherfucking, shriveled prick.
Crazy Sick Old Man Soundboard Sound
Do not call this number again. You piece of sex.
Do you ever call this number again? I'll get the cops down on you piece of shit nobody called you you dogs.
Do you understand me?
Don't threaten me. I'll break your neck.
Eat shit and die you stupid God damn asshole.
Fuck are you again you cock sucker.
Fuck you you piece of shit has to hunt you down and I'll break your neck. You call here again this house is full of sick people.
Get off my phone, leave me alone.
Go home.
Goodbye, Sir, make sure you get the right person next time.
Here you piece of shit come, the phone company being open tomorrow I'm gonna find your fucking ass. And then I'm going to kill your fucking ass.
I can see it, I promise you, I'll get your fucking number. And when I do, your throat is going to be wide open and bleed.
I guarantee is this call will be traced.
I guarantee you this conversation is being recorded. Like you said it was.
I was so sick yesterday. You kept your calls. You kept up your call.
I will make sure you spend your life in jail.
I'll quit cord. This is the finger sticking straight up. Their immature little screwball.
I'm a very sick man that I'm in my 70s.
I'm going to kill you.
I'm gonna fucking have your ass hanging from the highest tree 'cause you're a piece of God damn garbage.
I'm I'm nothing to do with Cadillac or $6000 or anything else.
I'm not have nothing to do with cars.
I'm ripping your throat out you disgusting piece of fucking high pitch voice, garbage your fucking Dick slide God damn faggot is what you are.
Leave this phone number alone.
Listen to me.
Make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail fucker.
Maybe your mother, your daddy wasn't Dick.
No, I'm not gonna talk to you at all. I don't have anything to do with cars. I don't. I work for security.
Now you sound like a.
Number one.
Number two change damn attitude. 'cause one of these days you're going to get a hold of somebody and then you're going to meet that person and they're going to break your freaking neck.
Piece of foreign fucking garbage!
Placement of.
QRS tax liquor. You are a flight. You are everything that is wrong with this world. Your act Howard, who calls on the telephone and rows off all the shit. I would love to have my hands on your thro...
Que Rico piece of shit.
She's been fucking foreign car. God damn your legal motherfucker.
So what you need to do is apologize, number one.
Sorry how you prick.
Stay in my life, you piece of shit.
Stop your cat. Lock up your fucking life at.
Stop, that's wrong with without you listen.
Suck my ass.
Take your time, I can shove it up, your wife laugh. She don't fucking whore.
The Bucks are tracing this call as we speak.
Tony rock me you.
Track your mother is a fucking.
Well, I've already turned over three different phone numbers that popped up to the Police Department and threw the phone company.
Who's calling?
Yeah, keep this up and also help me God, I'll make sure you're jailed.
You go to hell, you piece is slimy shit. Why don't you get back on the layout and get in your chains in this tab will make sure you drop down to the bottom of the ocean with your ugly free face eat...
You got the wrong bloody idiot.
You got the wrong Jim.
You got the wrong person.
You slimy piece in barbers. See Dad fucking meat.
You understand me, punk?
You're a piece of garbage. Whoever you are, you dog Dick.
You're the one horny. You stink and God damn accented parks.
You've got the wrong person.
Your call here again and so help me God. When they find out who it is, I will personally cut your throat.
Your father was a fucking cock sucking faggot.
Your God damn mother is out fucking ugly, ugly syphilitic.
Your mother's a fucking right now she's out sucking Dick.
Your wife is a fucking hobo.