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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
An iPod.
Are you are you black Sunday night call your fucking house you fucking.
Bitch, I'll be right over there.
Bite me.
But I just keep talking so didn't record. Keep recording your call.
Call me again nearly.
Can you hear me?
Cars are being recorded, so you just keep on right now where you at.
Cheap black bitch.
Child molester Cowboys
Do you like a sitcom?
Epic Crazy Lady's Husband Soundboard Sound
Epic Crazy Lady's Husband Soundboard Sound
Good day.
He got damn child molesting. How are you?
Hello, how are you? I think you're calling me kissing me.
Hey God bless you, you have a good day.
Hey little computer for calling my phone number.
Hi told you ladies who you are.
Hi, how you doing?
How much are you down there where you're at?
I call your house you stupid asshole. Call my phone back.
I called your house.
I said who is this?
I will be in New York Monday when they arrest your ass.
I will call you.
I'm doing fine. How you doing?
I'm very fine.
It's about 3.2 seconds bitch.
Keep on talking 'cause it placing the call.
No, I got a trace on my phone. This tracing your fucking name bitch.
No, I'm not tired. You got them calling me. I'm recording how? How's the phone companies recorder?
None of your damn business and kiss my ass.
Say something.
See you later.
Sing God damn Dick sucker.
So keep on you got damn Dick Lee.
So you're laughing her ass.
Somebody's gonna blow your shit away if I ever find out who you are.
Somebody's gonna put you in the ground if I ever find out who you are.
Something about that bitch.
Sucking in her ass. She likes it.
Taco King you.
Tell me again you fucking queer.
Tell me that money when they lock her ass up sound.
Tell me where you at.
Thank you so much. Ever find out where your at your fucking dead?
Thank you.
These calls are being recorded by the phone company, so that's how you gonna be the one being an asshole, not me. So don't call me back.
Trashy asshole
Well, your shit if I hit you up bitch.
Who's this?
Yeah, I know where you're at. Good man hat.
You call me.
You call me.
You fucking.
You goddamned except you know it.
You know something.
You need to quit calling my number.
You piece of shit.
You piece of shit. Don't you ever call me?
You son of a bitch. You better quit calling my number.
You're aware?
Your wife and your daughter right now, mother fucker.