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Bulldozer - PayDay 2 Voice Lines

Bulldozer - PayDay 2 Voice Lines

189 Bulldozer lines that I am giving away... for free... enjoy. Bulldozers are the heavy armor of the SWAT. They wear military-grade para-aramid suits common to bomb disposal squads, making them capable of soaking up ...

All over.
Alright here, and we're ready to kick ass.
Alright, going in.
Alright, watch and learn.
Alright, where are they
And stay down, dirtbag.
Ass kicking time.
Asskicking Time
Back the fuck up.
Big mistake.
Bring em on.
Bringing the pain.
Bulldozer - PayDay 2 Voice Lines Sound
Bulldozer coming through
Bulldozer going in!
Bulldozer time
Bulldozer time!
Can't stop me.
Career criminals my ass.
Clobbering time
Closer in the house bringing some hurt.
Come on out wherever you are.
Come on out wherever you are.
Come out and play.
Coming soon.
Coming through.
Death penalty in 321.
Do anything to me.
Do not enter this.
Do you even know how fucked you are?
Do you think that's gonna stop me?
Do your worst.
Don't kill yourself or anything, that honors mine!
Don't mess with me.
Don't you think you should leave now?
Dozer Laugh
Drop on the shitheads like a fucking piano.
Enjoy hell.
Eyes on tango.
Find somewhere good to hide.
For some payback.
Fuck you up.
Fucking hell.
Gateway Burger bulldozer.
Get out of the way the sons of bitches are going down.
Get ready.
Gimme some room
Give up, maybe I won't stop a mud hole in your ass.
Give up.
Go in.
Going to work.
Gonna be hot where you're going.
Gonna break some shit.
Gonna send you to hell.
Gonna wish he stayed home.
Got you asshole?
Got you shitbag.
Ha ha ha.
Haha, Suckers!
He got what he deserved.
He had it coming.
He wasn't so tough after all.
He's dead.
He's done.
He's gonna pay.
Here comes some fucking hurt.
Here comes the pain.
Hide while you can.
Holy shit.
Hope you gotta plug picked out.
Hope you like the heat you're gonna pay.
How do you think this is gonna hand?
I bring the pain.
I can't wait to get my hands on you.
I give this guy 5 seconds.
I got 'em!
I got this.
I got this.
I got this.
I hear you you are so fucked.
I know you're there.
I put you down with or without my visor.
I said this would happen.
I said you'd die!
I told you you die.
I told you.
I want to play some man.
I will break you.
I'll deal with this one.
I'll end you.
I'll pick these suckers apart.
I'll take care of this one myself.
I'll take this one.
I'm a kick your ass.
I'm gonna drop a building on him.
I'm screwed!
I'm their problem now.
I'm unstoppable.
Ill rush you with or without visor
Impressive, but futile.
It always ends the same.
Just a matter of time.
Just got real.
Just like I said.
Just wait till I find you.
Justice served.
Kick your ass.
Let's finish this.
Let's finish this.
Let's see what you got.
Like I said.
Like that would stop me.
Losers here and ready for action.
Make way for the DOOOZEER
Make way for the dozer marriage.
Make way.
Move aside, I got this.
Move aside.
Next Bullet's got your name on it.
No payday for you!
No, you got my attention.
Oh I'm ready.
Oh shit.
Oh, I see him now.
OK, I'm here who wants to die.
OK, I'm here who wants to die.
One down kiss your ass goodbye.
Please still live a little bit longer so I can kill you myself.
Say your prayers!
Shoot 'em up!
Show me what you got.
Show me where they are.
Show you the light at the end of the tunnel.
Sorry asshole.
Stand back.
Stay alive so I can kill you myself.
Take this one it all on my own.
Target down.
That it.
That's all you got. Only four of them.
There still alive.
There's only four of them.
This guy's no match.
This one belongs to me.
This ones mine.
This won't take long.
Time for some payback.
Too bad.
Too little too late buddy
Total annihilation in 321.
Trying to send you to hell.
Wanna bang heads?
Watch me crush this guy.
What is this amateur hour?
What stop me?
Where are they?
Where are you!
Who wants a piece of me?
Who wants a piece of the elite?
Who wants to die?
Who's there in the house?
World of hurt coming up.
Yes, don't end well for you.
You can still give up match.
You can't stop me.
You didn't listen.
You done.
You fucked up big time.
You got no chance.
You made a bad call.
You made a very bad mistake.
You should have given up back there.
You should've listened.
You stepped in it.
You think you're bad?
You won't stop me.
You're dead.
You're done.
You're in deep shit now.
You're no match for me.
You're nothing to me.
You're nothing.
You're up against the wall, and I am the fucking wall.