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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A pray for six people like you to commit suicide and save the world from trouble.
All you are is a small pimple of a man.
Alright, if I get one more phone call from you, I have to call my Police Department up. If you haven't come over and trace the phone because I could have ever done 'cause I know a lot of policeman ...
Apparel wall you redneck calling. I said you might have problems then you run to the phone line.
Are you following me, you knucklehead?
Aren't calling here now, but I think there's a problem with the wiring.
Bye see you right now. I would grind your head into the jerk.
Different hillbilly, I'm probably nice about this. You call me.
Dirty little redneck you.
Do you have a fucking dollar fucking phone you idiot?
Don't run your fucking mouth to me asshole.
Frank Gore
Fuck who you are.
Fucking retarded asshole.
Hey hey hey BC.
I have more respect for the animals in cages and I do view you piece of garbage.
I think you have drinking problem, don't you?
I'll call you after.
I'll make sure that you wish that you would never even born you little hillbilly bastard.
I'll try to help you. You dumb mother fucking rollout hillbilly motherfucker.
I'm going to kill you if I find you.
I'm going to make your blessings on your certain miserable on the drag it through the fucking Woods, prickly bushes and everything you bastard. You bother me anymore.
I'm gonna use a meat grinder on your right.
If I find you, I'm gonna kill you.
If you bother me one more time, I'm going to call the police so.
Just leave me alone.
Listen here you Mother fucking hillbilly all fucking come over with a fucking meat tenderizer. I'll fucking tenderize your fucking skull.
Listen here, fuck nut you call me again I'm going to fucking rip your eyes out and shoved down your fucking throat.
Man, if I see you I'm gonna whip you left. I used to do the slave days man I'm not with you like a dog.
Once you go fuck yourself, you asshole.
Once you suck the slap in my fuck stick.
OPM Ohio this is a civilized area you live in Oklahoma, where the water is all steers and queers anyways.
Quit calling you bother me.
So how you money with how you know what my name is?
Suck my Dick you asshole.
The best part of you ran down your father's leg.
The sloppy innovate you big piece of shit.
The sum of your fucking business.
This is my cruise without salt.
We could hear you redneck.
We live in some wooded area.
Well, I'm gonna play this right now if I catch you I'm gonna fucking using me tenderizer on your face so when you do your funeral, people will recognize you you cock sucker.
Well, I'm tired of this. I don't call me when it bother anybody.
Well, why don't you get a fucking life?
Well, you called me, you tell me who am I?
Well, you called me, you tell me who am I?
What Department are you with?
What do you want?
What number are you trying to call?
What you go fuck yourself and suck this pop into my fuck stick.
When I find out who you are, I'm going to come over in your diet. Slow fucking death.
Where are you located at?
Where do you live at?
Where do you live at?
Where, where, where you at?
Who are you from?
Who are you trying to call, Sir?
Who are you?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Who is this?
Who the fuck is this?
Who the fuck you think you're dealing with?
Why are you bothering me? You moron.
Will you call me again? I'm a cut your heart out.
Yes I am.
You are one human excrement.
You better quit acting like a fucking 2 year old.
You called me but but.
You called me up, you redneck.
You called me up.
You don't learn how to talk right on it. Then I'll answer the phone right now and I'll have the right phone number. You better quit acting like a fucking 2 year old.
You dumb fucking hillbilly.
You dumb motherfucker.
You fucking lowlight redneck piece of shit.
You have the wrong number.
You have the wrong number. You fucking mother fucking cock sucker.
You keep bothering me like this. That's what exactly what's going to happen.
You need some help. You speak hillbilly banter.
You need to be taken in a hung by that free like they did the slave days in his whip.
You need to learn how to use the phone.
You visible motherfucker.
You're a sick person.
You're the wrong number.
'cause you're calling you're calling a landline. I don't have a cell phone.