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Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard

Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard

Motherlover Ultimate, converted from the classic Flash soundboard to HTML5 and MP3.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
About $100 you come out with their mouth full.
About dirty as there just hang out.
All this got damn recorder fucking bullshit you got going on.
All this new camo
And I don't have a clue what's going on.
And my wife got nines calls back to back.
Are you fucking ignorant or what?
But you gotta say something.
Close the current college.
Come on bitch say something God damn.
Come on bitch say something.
Come on you little bitch.
Come on.
CPT that leave your teeth out. Right now you're good. Now you're good.
Damn your grandmas slap your grandma is a bigger set than your momma is.
Date date update.
Did you just call me? Do you think I just called you? Would you call me?
Do you think I just called you?
Do you think it's fucking funny?
Don't use my stuff. I've been saying you stupid little punk.
First you gotta pull out your mom's mouth.
Get it, get it, get it came off.
Get your mom's good.
God damn you gotta come up with something better than that. Shit y'all. The ones on the card and and fucking people how you're trying to use my shit that I'm saying.
Gotta see that slut.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha uh.
Ha ha.
Hang on a second, let me pull my Dick out your mom's mouth real quick. Hang on.
Hang on your mom's taking my Dick down her throat real quick. Hold up.
Hang on, hang on, wait.
Hang on, hang on. Hang on your mom's. Give me a blowjob. Hold on.
Hangouts you don't wanna stop. I could directly talk to you till she gets done.
Hell, I know where she's at.
Hello hey.
Here at the covers a lot better than this.
Hiroko hope his own damn. She wants some more.
Hold on here she goes. Hang up she's almost done. You can't say that I'm done, hangup.
Hold up, hold up, hold up. Here comes your grandma too.
How are your folks? That'll bitch.
How we could stay here all day and say something to you? You said that thing?
I can't hear what you're saying.
I don't have no idea but but just just listen to me.
I don't know if somebody's on the line like listening to us right now and seeing what's going on, but we went through this shit last week.
I don't know what's going on.
I got her talking on it.
I have hope.
I just saw a bag over head and I let it do what you gotta do.
I like your Mama when she's out my Dick.
I love it.
I understand that, but I bet you you never heard my voice before though.
I what?
I would let your momma talk to her. Let talk to you but her mouth is full right now.
In your mom's wild.
Is your mom around?
Is your mom's Pussy is good?
It's like oh they're no good if you can't make it stop.
It's the best I can do. You're going to go into something better.
Johnny very damn good.
Just getting some Dick.
Let me hear it.
Let me tell you, let me tell you what.
Look at her.
Look at you got damn house and come out come out of this country.
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
Motherlover Ultimate Soundboard Sound
My company.
No, grab onto.
Nothing but a loudmouth little bitch.
Now just stop and listen to me.
Now this I go there no good.
Now you have something else better to play or what?
Oh fuck.
Oh my God.
Oh wait, no hang on hang on, hold up, hold up.
On the Hill.
Once you take back in girl put your teeth back in. You ain't doing that to me. What you think about?
One 800 I'm a faggot.
Paris is probably sucking big right now. That's why you get there.
People are highly pissed off and we don't have a clue which I'm talking about.
Play some.
Probably say something stops.
Run it down your throat.
Scared to show you with haircut, looks like.
She fucks every day I'm swinging Dick around.
She is a slut. Look at her.
She is nasty dude.
She likes men with big around 2:00.
She likes, she likes when you rub it on her lips.
Somebody is interfered with the phone lines and they're doing this not only to you. They're doing this to my company too.
Stop using the shit I just told you.
Taking the grandmas, my dog likes fucking years too.
The delay all bullshit aside.
The whole time.
Then your mom's good.
There you go, girl, there you go here take it again. Take it.
There you go.
These people are saying all kinds of stuff, so that's what we've been dealing with. The same shit that you've been dealing with.
This ain't doing good at all.
Trust me.
Try to get better than that so it stops.
Want to suck your buddies Dick while you're trying to find something better to record?
Was it was it with your momma have?
Was your mom at?
We called the phone company and we told him to talk to the switchboard or whatever and figure out what's going on.
We do not have a clue what's going on.
We're out of Texas.
We've been getting the same calls.
We've got nine different people the other day. Back to back within 15 to 20 minutes.
Well, see your mom is like in my ass.
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
What what are you saying?
What what?
What what? What is great look?
What's my phone number then?
What's my phone number?
Where are you from?
Who is bechard about this? Listening to it that you dumb ass.
Why didn't you already on the way?
Woah woah.
Y'all can't come up with shit.
Yeah, OK, see you then look at you.
You about some retarded mother fuckers. OK, come up with some better shit.
You ain't doing nothing come out.
You can't say yet.
You dedicate. Do that with it so she keeps coming over here wanting something big, but I let it go ahead and do it and get it done.
You get it.
You got the wrong number buddy.
You got the wrong number.
You gotta be able to talk.
You guys make this like talk. Why somebody else talks.
You have to come up with a lot better shit than this.
You know what? I wouldn't even hit you. I would just slap the shit out of you.
You know what's funny? Your mom is funny looking when she got my Dick in her mouth.
You must not heard a word I said while ago.
You sound like a God damn nothing but a God damn crack head hoe.
You sound like a little bitch.
You sound like a little fagot.
You stupid mother fucker.
You stupid mother fuckers.
You want to see your momma, which is on my Dick.
You want your goofy sonofabitch.
Your inbred sumbitch.
Your Mama, your Mama. When she gets home, I think she likes it.
Your mom is nasty, boy.
Your momma. She's right here on my Dick.