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Undertale Sound Effects

Undertale Sound Effects

Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo, launched in 1999, features 89 characters from different franchises. There are also other non-player characters that take the form of enemies, bosses, and power-ups. The fighting game series is mostly sourced from Nintendo franchises but with a number of third-party ones as well.
See also: Omori (video game), FL Studio, Skeleton (undead), Yume Nikki, 2021 in video games.

Lever click
Mus alphysfix
Mus badnote1
Mus badnote2
Mus badnote3
Mus bgflameA
Mus birdnoise
Mus chime
Mus churchbell
Mus computer
Mus create
Mus crickets
Mus cymbal
Mus dialup
Mus dialup
Mus dialup
Mus dialup
Mus dialup
Mus dialup
Mus disturbing
Mus dogappear
Mus doorclose
Mus dooropen
Mus drone
Mus drumcuica
Mus drumcuica2
Mus drumcymbal
Mus drumkick
Mus drumsnare
Mus dununnn
Mus elevator
Mus elevator last
Mus explosion
Mus f alarm
Mus f destroyed
Mus f destroyed2
Mus f destroyed3
Mus f endnote
Mus f glock
Mus f laugh
Mus f newlaugh
Mus f newlaugh low
Mus f noise
Mus f orchhit
Mus f orchhit l
Mus fearsting
Mus harpnoise
Mus intronoise
Mus mett applause
Mus mett cheer
Mus mettsmash
Mus mode
Mus mt yeah
Mus myemeow
Mus note1
Mus note2
Mus note3
Mus note4
Mus note5
Mus note6
Mus ohyes
Mus piano1
Mus piano2
Mus piano3
Mus piano4
Mus piano5
Mus piano6
Mus piano7
Mus piano8
Mus piano9
Mus pianoA
Mus rimshot
Mus rotate
Mus sfx a bullet
Mus sfx a gigatalk
Mus sfx a grab
Mus sfx a lithit
Mus sfx a lithit2
Mus sfx a pullback
Mus sfx a swipe
Mus sfx a swordappear
Mus sfx a target
Mus sfx abreak
Mus sfx abreak2
Mus sfx ahh
Mus sfx bookspin
Mus sfx chainsaw
Mus sfx cinematiccut
Mus sfx eyeflash
Mus sfx frypan
Mus sfx generate
Mus sfx gigapunch
Mus sfx gunshot
Mus sfx hypergoner charge
Mus sfx hypergoner laugh
Mus sfx oh
Mus sfx rainbowbeam
Mus sfx rainbowbeam hold
Mus sfx segapower
Mus sfx segapower2
Mus sfx sparkles
Mus sfx spellcast
Mus sfx star
Mus sfx swipe
Mus sfx ted
Mus sfx voice jafe
Mus sfx voice ted
Mus sfx voice triple
Mus sfx yowl
Mus singF
Mus singG
Mus singvoice
Mus snowwalk
Mus sticksnap
Mus tone2
Mus tone3
Mus wawa
Mus whoopee
Snd arrow
Snd b
Snd ballchime
Snd battlefall
Snd bell
Snd bigdoor open
Snd block2
Snd bluh
Snd bomb
Snd bombfall
Snd bombsplosion
Snd break1
Snd break1 c
Snd break2
Snd break2 c
Snd breaka
Snd breakb
Snd breakc
Snd buyitem
Snd buzzing
Snd catsalad
Snd chug
Snd credit s
Snd curtgunshot
Snd damage
Snd damage c
Snd dimbox
Snd doghurt1
Snd dogresidue
Snd dogsalad
Snd drumroll
Snd dumbvictory
Snd ehurt1
Snd elecdoor close
Snd elecdoor open
Snd elecdoor shut
Snd elecdoor shutheavy
Snd escaped
Snd fall
Snd fall2
Snd flameloop
Snd floweylaugh
Snd floweytalk1
Snd floweytalk2
Snd gameover broken
Snd glassbreak
Snd grab
Snd grandpatemi
Snd heal c
Snd heartshot
Snd heavydamage
Snd hero
Snd hit
Snd hurt1
Snd hurt1 c
Snd hurtbeef
Snd hurtbig
Snd hurtbuzz
Snd hurtdragon
Snd hurtgirl
Snd hurtlaugh
Snd hurtloox
Snd hurtsmall
Snd impact
Snd instanoise
Snd item
Snd knock
Snd laz
Snd laz c
Snd levelup
Snd lightswitch
Snd magicminer
Snd movemenu
Snd mtt burst
Snd mtt hit
Snd mtt prebomb
Snd mtt1
Snd mtt2
Snd mtt3
Snd mtt4
Snd mtt5
Snd mtt6
Snd mtt7
Snd mtt8
Snd mtt9
Snd mushroomdance
Snd mysterygo
Snd nosound
Snd oddtalk1
Snd oddtalk2
Snd phone
Snd pombark
Snd power
Snd punchstrong
Snd punchweak
Snd saber3
Snd save
Snd screenshake
Snd shadowpendant
Snd shakerbreaker
Snd shock
Snd slidewhist
Snd sparkle1
Snd spearappear
Snd spearrise
Snd speedup
Snd splash
Snd spooky
Snd squeak
Snd swallow
Snd switchpull
Snd switchpull n
Snd tearcard
Snd tem
Snd tem2
Snd tem3
Snd tem4
Snd tem5
Snd tem6
Snd tempbell
Snd test
Snd textnoise
Snd txtal
Snd txtasg
Snd txtasr
Snd txtasr2
Snd txtpap
Snd txtsans
Snd txtsans2
Snd txttor
Snd txttor2
Snd txttor3
Snd txtund
Snd txtund hyper