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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
About the cream that help with lubricationmp3
About the ingredients
About the pills
About the pills that increased stamina
About the price
About the reward certificate
About the stiff lotion
Absolutely love them
Alright thank you
Beverly Hills
But it really works
But we also now that
California 2
Call for a refund
Calling customer service
Calling today
Cayenne pepper
Completly understand your hesitation
Credit card
credit card : Discover card
credit card : Master card
credit card : Visa
days : 12 days
days : 12 days trial period
days : 1st day or 2
days : 2 to 3 days
days : Every 30 days
days : For 12 days
days : In 30 days and every 30 days
days : Inside the 12 days
days : Monday
days : Today
Doctor D.R.
Doctors drive
Email offer
FirmX : Right firmX
FirmX capsule
Firmx containt all the ingredients
For a refund
Free trial of our maxosse stiff lotion
Give us information
Google up that information
Han han
Have a good evening
Have a nice evening
Have been dealin with issue for too long with no solution
Hmm hmm
Hmm well no hmm
Hmmm ... yes
How can received reward certificate
How much is the pills
How much is the stiff lotion
I didn't understand what you are sayin
I don't have a email I can give you
I don't know
I don't know if it as an ordor or not
I don't know if it firmX cpasule as astragalius or not
I don't know if it firmX cpasule as cayenne pepper or not
I don't know if it firmX cpasule as licorice tribulus or not
I don't know if it firmX cpasule as oyster extract or not
I don't know if it firmX cpasule works almost instaintly or not
I don't know if maxos have cayenne pepper or not
I don't know if maxos stiff lotion it'S conforable or not
I don't know if maxos still lotion as an odor or not
I have to go now so other call I have to take
I haven't anybody tell me that
I need to go
I see
I understand your hesitation
I will also send you information
I'm good
I'm sorry can you say that again
I'm sorry I can barely hear you
If it's confortable
If you want the ingredient for the maxos stiff lotion
Increased stamina
Is that correct
Is that fast enough for you
It comes in a 4oz tube
It'll come right the mail
It's a 30 capsule package
It's very European isn't it
Just one moment
Laughing 2
Many time
maxos Oh the maxo derm
Maxos stiff ingredient all the ingredient
Maxos stiff lotion 2
Maxosse stiff lotion
May have the ingredient of the cream that help lubrication
May have the ingredient of the pill that increased stamina
May have the ingredient of the stiff lotion
May have the name of the stamina pills
May have the name of the stiff lotion
May have the number again please
May have the number again please 2
May have your adress please
May have your billing adress please
May have your email adress please
May have your first name please
May have your last name
May seen too good to be true
Maybe yes
My last name I'm not required
Name : is Phillip
Name : is Phillip Charles
Name : is Phillip German
Name : Last name is German
Name : Phillip
Name : Charles
Name : Charles English
Name : Charles Maklau
Name : Charles Pepper
Name : English
Name : German
Name : is Phillip English
Name : is Phillip Pepper
Name : Jean
Name : Jean Charles
Name : Jean English
Name : Jean Maklau
Name : Jean Pepper
Name : Maklau
Name : Pepper
Name : Phillip Maklau
Name : Yeah my last name is German
No I don't
No I don't no I don't
No I don't think so laugh
No I never tried it hum
No no
No not I know about
No problem
No solution
Not allowed to do that
Not familiar I don't know
Not required to give you my last name
Now you have an opportunity
OK 2
Ok and a great
OK go ahead
One moment let me see if I can find that out
Oyster extract and boron
Pardon me
Say that again
Shipping to doctor drive beverly hills california
Sorry I don't understand your question
Sorry say that again
Speak english
Spell : a
Spell : A.B.D.O.
Spell : a.u.k.l.a.u.
Spell : astragalus
Spell : B
Spell : B.D.O.
Spell : B.O
Spell : C.H.A.R.L.E.S.
Spell : D
Spell : D.O.
Spell : F.I.R.M.
Spell : F.I.R.M.X.
Spell : J.E.A.N.
Spell : k
Spell : k.l.a.u.
Spell : l.a.u.
Spell : m.a.k.l.a.u.
Spell : m.a.u.
Spell : m.a.u.k.l.a.u.
Spell : M.A.X.O
Spell : M.A.X.O stiff S.T.I.F.F.
Spell : n
Spell : O
Spell : stiff S.T.I.F.F.
Spell : T
Spell : u
Spell : X
Spell that for me
Spell that for me 2
Spell your first name for me
Thank you
That's what we have right now
That's what you wanna do
The ingredients
The price
The reservation code
There's no problem
This is a capsule that will increase stamina
This is a cream who that help with lubrication
To make sure it's right for you
United state parcel service
We arg spell that for me
Yeah OK
Yeah you like that yeah
Yes I speak english
Yes if you find that
Yes you can use it to any part of body you wish
You and your partner will be surprised
You can go online and maybe do it
You can see the result yourself
You want to tried out
You wish
You've made a great decision
Your first name is
Zip 12121
Zip 12912
Zip 29112
Zip 29129
Zip 90210
Zip code there please