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Octoling and Inkling Soundboard

Octoling and Inkling Soundboard

Octolings are playable characters in Splatoon 2 and coming to Splatoon 3, alongside the Inklings. Unlike Inklings, which are unlocked from the start, Octolings are only available after beating the Octo Expansion DLC. Sound FX here.

Inkling Boy VoiceMCall100
Inkling Boy VoiceMCall101
Inkling Boy VoiceMCall102
Inkling Boy VoiceMChance00
Inkling Boy VoiceMChance01
Inkling Boy VoiceMChance02
Inkling Boy VoiceMChance03
Inkling Boy VoiceMComeon100cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMComeon101cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMdamage03
Inkling Boy VoiceMdamage05
Inkling Boy VoiceMdamage06
Inkling Boy VoiceMdamage07
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead00
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead01
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead02
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead03
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead100
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead101
Inkling Boy VoiceMDead102
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat00
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat01
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat02
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat03
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat04
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat05
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat07
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat09
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat10
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat100
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat101
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat101Rev
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat102
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat102Rev
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat103
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat103Rev
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeat11
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeatRev01
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeatRev02
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeatRev03
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeatRev04
Inkling Boy VoiceMDefeatRev06
Inkling Boy VoiceMEscape00
Inkling Boy VoiceMEscape01
Inkling Boy VoiceMEscape02
Inkling Boy VoiceMHelp100cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMHelp101cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMHelp102cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMHelp103cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMJet100
Inkling Boy VoiceMJet101
Inkling Boy VoiceMJet102
Inkling Boy VoiceMJet103
Inkling Boy VoiceMNice100cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMNice100cmpRev
Inkling Boy VoiceMNice101cmp
Inkling Boy VoiceMNice101cmpRev
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul00
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul01
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul02
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul03
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul100
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul101
Inkling Boy VoiceMSoul102
Inkling girl ah
Inkling girl ee
Inkling girl fahwadede
Inkling girl HEY2
Inkling girl skoowee
Inkling girl splat 5
Inkling girl sqawoowee
Inkling Girl VoiceFCall100
Inkling Girl VoiceFCall101
Inkling Girl VoiceFCall102
Inkling Girl VoiceFChance00
Inkling Girl VoiceFChance01
Inkling Girl VoiceFChance02
Inkling Girl VoiceFComeon101cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFComeon102cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage01
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage02
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage03
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage04
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage05
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage06
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage07
Inkling Girl VoiceFDamage08
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead00
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead01
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead02
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead03
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead100
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead101
Inkling Girl VoiceFDead102
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat00
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat01
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat02
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat03
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat04
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat05
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat06
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat07
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat08
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat09
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat10
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat100
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat101
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat102
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat104
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat105
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeat11
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatCmp100Rev
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatCmp101Rev
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatCmp102Rev
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatCmp103Rev
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatCmp104Rev
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatCmp105Rev
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatRev01
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatRev06
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatRev07
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatRev08
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatRev15
Inkling Girl VoiceFDefeatRev16
Inkling Girl VoiceFEscape00
Inkling Girl VoiceFEscape01
Inkling Girl VoiceFEscape02
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp100
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp100cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp101cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp102cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp103cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp104cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp105cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp106cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFHelp107cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFJet00
Inkling Girl VoiceFJet01
Inkling Girl VoiceFJet02
Inkling Girl VoiceFJet03
Inkling Girl VoiceFNice100cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFNice100cmpRev
Inkling Girl VoiceFNice101cmp
Inkling Girl VoiceFNice101cmpRev
Inkling Girl VoiceFSoul00
Inkling Girl VoiceFSoul01
Inkling Girl VoiceFSoul02
Inkling Girl VoiceFSoul03
Inkling Girl VoiceFSoul100
Inkling girl woomy 2
Inkling girl woomy 3
Inkling girl wooweosquiwee
Inkling girl wud weo squowee
Inkling girl yarie
Inkling girl yay
OctoBoy Chance00
OctoBoy Chance01
OctoBoy Chance02
OctoBoy Chance03
OctoBoy Chance04
OctoBoy Chance05
OctoBoy ComeOn00
OctoBoy ComeOn01
OctoBoy ComeOn02
OctoBoy ComeOn03
OctoBoy Damage00
OctoBoy Damage01
OctoBoy Damage02
OctoBoy Damage03
OctoBoy Damage04
OctoBoy Damage05
OctoBoy Damage06
OctoBoy Damage07
OctoBoy DamageRecover00
OctoBoy DamageRecover01
OctoBoy DamageRecover02
OctoBoy DamageRecover03
OctoBoy DamageRecover04
OctoBoy Dead00
OctoBoy Dead01
OctoBoy Dead02
OctoBoy Dead03
OctoBoy Dead04
OctoBoy Dead05
OctoBoy Dead06
OctoBoy Dead07
OctoBoy Help00
OctoBoy Help01
OctoBoy Help02
OctoBoy Help03
OctoBoy Jet00
OctoBoy Jet01
OctoBoy Jet02
OctoBoy Jet03
OctoBoy Jet04
OctoBoy Jet05
OctoBoy Nice00
OctoBoy Nice00Rev
OctoBoy Nice01
OctoBoy Nice01Rev
OctoBoy Nice02
OctoBoy Nice02Rev
OctoBoy Nice03
OctoBoy Nice03Rev
OctoBoy Nice04
OctoBoy Nice04Rev
OctoBoy Nice05
OctoBoy Nice05Rev
OctoBoy Nice06
OctoBoy Nice06Rev
OctoBoy Nice07
OctoBoy Nice07Rev
OctoBoy Nice08
OctoBoy Nice08Rev
OctoBoy Soul00
OctoBoy Soul01
OctoBoy Soul02
OctoBoy Soul03
OctoBoy Soul04
OctoBoy Soul05
OctoBoy Soul06
OctoBoy Soul07
OctoBoy Soul08
OctoGirl Boxxie
OctoGirl BoxxieRev
OctoGirl Chance00
OctoGirl Chance01
OctoGirl Chance02
OctoGirl Chance04
OctoGirl Chance05
OctoGirl Chance06
OctoGirl Chance07
OctoGirl ComeOn00
OctoGirl ComeOn01