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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
AJ fucked his grandma so he could audition for the voice
AJs penis is stuck in his grannies vacuum
And ill **** you while you sleep on the couch
Are we gonna fuck
Cuz you are kinda a bitch right
Everything changed when he discovered but sex
Fuck off, crazy bitch
Go fuck yourself
I am fucking ppl in the ass
I cant fuck you if you arent all in
I could drop her from a 10 story building she would not suck cock
I got drunk and fucked a truck driver
I got something for you to look at my dick
I have cancer aids diarhea
I hope you get ass cancer and die you son of a bitch ill cut your throat
I prepare these hoes with sexual abuse
I think you're a whore
I wanna pee on your carpet can you support this
I want a blowjob
If you cant give me head take yourself outta this
If you let m give you some cock you wont need that stuff
Im done being a fuckin dr
Im holdin you from a 10 story building and imma drop you if you dont suck cock
Im talkin about ****az
It irritates me when ppl jack my dick
It turned out that it was gay hampsters
Let me arange for us to have a threesome
Let's praise lord lucifer
Lets throw down bitch ill whoop your ass
Men go to a party and theyre but buddies for life
Oprah and i been fuckin
Pam says shes not a whore despite the shape of her pussy
Paul thought it was a good idea to start cuddling
Ppl ask to suck my penis they just cant endure
Ppl wanna know robin suckin my penis
VR tool to help ppl have sex with my sister
We took a shit on jasons mom cathy, so long
Well I appreciate yer dick suckin, so long
Well you wanna fuck
Whoah hold up wait a minute whoah
You do more than fill my but with golfballs
You say youve had a dozen handjobs
You willing to bang me on your couch
You're a whore so you focused on big dick
You're the one that look like a whore, you need to suck cock
You're whats called a bitch
83 percent of you make me cum