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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A good study for biology
A great field of study
Aliens visited Earth
Always get corn
Amazing observations wrong conclusion
Andrew Carnegie
Are pine trees carnivores?
Are you a pine tree?
Are you drunk?
Bacteria lose information 1
Bacteria lose information 2
Baffled scientists
Baloney 1
Baloney 2
Baloney 3
Bears produce bears dogs produce dogs
Bible as the perfect key to the past
Bible for the evolutionist
Big dog little dog
Bringing forth and kinds 1
Bringing forth and kinds 2
Bringing forth and kinds 3
Bringing forth and kinds 4
Bringing forth and kinds 5
Car evolution
Carnegie's National Center for Science Education
Cat kind not part of pine tree kind
Charles Darwin 1
Charles Darwin 2
Charlie Darwin
Circular reasoning
Circular reasoning in geology 1
Circular reasoning in geology 2
Circular reasoning in geology 3
Circular reasoning in survival of the fittest
Common ancestor of chipmunk and squirrel
Common designer 1
Common designer 2
Comparative anatomy
Completely understand
Comrade Stalin
Confused or lying
Could you get a dog as big as Texas?
Darwin, finches, crocodiles
Darwin's finches and bananas
Darwin's wild conclusion
Dating fossils using layers
Dating layers using fossils
Definition of 'cladistics'
Definition of 'non sequitur'
Definition of 'religion'
Definition of 'science'
Descended from a common ancestor
Dinosaur Adventure Land
Dinosaur blood cells
Dinosaur soft tissue
Doctor's degrees
Does that prove they're related?
Dog and wolf
Dog common ancestor
Don't get brainwashed
Duck kind related to whale kind
Elephants and pine trees
Elephants make baby elephants
Elephants produce elephants and pine trees produce pine trees
Equal time
Evolution and natural selection go together
Evolution is a dying religion
Evolution is a lie
Evolution is a religion 1
Evolution is a religion 2
Evolution is a religion of death
Evolution is dead
Evolution is not science 1
Evolution is not science 2
Evolved from a rock 1
Evolved from a rock 2
Faulty assumptions of evolution
First cell
First grade textbook
First pairs of birds
Fossil ages mixed up
Fossilised human hands and dinosaur bones
Fossils and Noah's flood
Fossils not evidence of evolution
From car to airplane
From evolutionist to Independent Baptist
From the Bible to uniformitarianism
Fruit fly experiments
Full time evangelist
G'day mate
Gluing dead moths
God hates liars
Going insane
Good observation bad conclusion
Grand Canyon evolutionist vs creationist
Graptolites still alive today
Have you stopped beating your wife yet?
High school science & math teacher
High school science teacher
Holy and sacred geologic column
Holy and sacred geologic time chart
Homologous structures 1
Homologous structures 2
Horse and zebra common ancestor
Hot ball of rock
Hovind you're lying
How did the layers get there?
Hundreds of textbooks
I am answering your question
I am still a pine tree
I don't think so 1
I don't think so 2
I don't think so 3
I'm against lies
Imprisoned for structuring
Index fossils
Indoctrination not education
Interrupting again
Isn't that circular reasoning?
It doesn't work
Jump frog jump
Karl Marx
Kent Hovind OFFICIAL
Kent's $250,000 evolution challenge
Kent's geology collections
Kent's goal
Kent's sand art toy
Kids losing their faith
Kill people with AIDS
Kinds vs species
Layer formation Noah's flood
Lies in the textbooks
Life came from outer space
Limit called squirrel
Lines on paper
Lizard, snake, crocodile, bird
Loaded evolution question
Loaded question
Lying about a dumb theory
Lying about evolving from a rock
Macroevolution vs microevolution
Mad conclusion
Man and death which came first
Many kinds of birds
Many questions cannot be answered with a yes or no
Messing up God's creations
Moon made of green cheese
Mutations as original source of variation
Mutations don't make anything new
Mutations not evolution
National Pornographic... Geographic
Natural selection as quality control
Natural selection doesn't cause evolution
Natural selection doesn't create anything
Natural selection doesn't lead to evolution
Never evaded any tax
Never in jail for tax evasion
No 1
No 2
No 3
No beneficial mutations
No common ancestor
No evidence for evolution
No fossil record
No geologic column
No hard definition of species
No macroevolution
No new information 1
No new information 2
No that's a lie
Not against science
Not getting evolution out of public schools
Not learning to think critically
Not thinking critically
Octopus and ink pen
One man one woman one lifetime
Original created kinds
Paying for the school system
Picking numbers out of the sky
Pig as big as Texas
Pine tree and elephant not the same kind
Primordial soup
Probably not
Proves a common designer
Rise of Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Nazism
RNA came from a rock
Roaches resistant to sledgehammer
Same author wrote the code 1
Same author wrote the code 2
Same kind of offspring
Scrambling up 'Christmas'
Sedimentary rock
Seminars on creation, evolution, dinosaurs
Sex with animals
Soviet style indoctrination
Speciation is not evolution
Species of squirrels and breeds of horses
Standard horse equipment
Still a chicken
Still in textbooks as evidence for evolution
Stop interrupting
Survival of the luckiest not fittest
Suvival vs arrival of the fittest
Taught at taxpayer expense
That is crazy
That is not science
That ought to be exciting
That's not evolution
The Bible is literally true and scientifically accurate
The shackles of religion
This is a lie
Throat clearing 1
Throat clearing 10
Throat clearing 11
Throat clearing 2
Throat clearing 3
Throat clearing 4
Throat clearing 5
Throat clearing 6
Throat clearing 7