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Ed Sheeran Quotes

Ed Sheeran Quotes

Edward Christopher Sheeran MBE (born 17 February 1991) is an English singer-songwriter and musician. He was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire and raised in Framlingham, Suffolk. His debut album, + (pronounced "plus"), was released in September 2011 and topped the UK Albums Chart. In 2012, sheeran won the Brit Awards for Best British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. Ed Sheeran was named the world's best-selling artist of 2017.

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A growing erupts from his mouth and brings an abrupt end to our kisses, my fingers curled around his growing erect.
All we need is us to go all night
American football, you don't use your feet like, what's going on there?
And his hands dropped to my ass.
And just for the line out through that, Duncan K on top of the man.
Anywhere that would let me
Being weird is a wonderful thing
But I've been drinking. What?
Camila Cabello Bam Bam ft
Ed Sheeran Shape of You (Official Music Video)
Embrace your weirdness
He is pretty hands on
Hey look Ed Sheeran is still ugly
Hips don't lie.
Hit me baby, one more time.
I can't dance.
I can't understand this new Ed Sheeran
I can't understand this new Ed Sheeran
I had a bad week spent the evening pretending
I push his jeans and boxes over his hips. He steps out of them.
I think these bitches trying to set me up
I think you better quit talking that. Will you be leaving with the father?
I took an arrow to the heart
I wanna kiss your eyes I wanna drink that smile
I was a very very very weird child
I was rumored to be her boyfriend for a week
I was. I was taking a piss.
I'm Ed Sheeran today I'm gonna be playing drunk.
I'm inside you.
I'm not very good at anything other than music
I'm not very good at speeches
I'm sure there's some religion where that is possible
It was top heavy
It was top heavy
It's just fat Ginger kids
Lipstick on my guitar fill up the engine
Lockdown baby
Not be looking good right now
Now that kids an orphan and I'm the best.
Oh except
Oh God, they're really bad
Oh no, oh no, oh no (parody)
One day I'll come back
Oy yeah I want it all
Really bad
Stuttering was actually the least of my problems
Switch. Switch.
Thank you so much
Thank you so much
That spot on
That's a fact
That's it. I'm drunk. I'm full on drunk. I am. I'm. Hello, I'm.
That's my song
That's spot on!
This is the worst time to get your cock out.
To be honest if I did marry all of you
Wanted me to eat the cake
We'll go all night two stepping with the woman I love
What you want it's pretty similar
Whenever I urinate, I meet actors and get starstruck.
You all my girlfriend
You could see in my eyes that it was taking over
You get paid for this
You know it's not true
You were born with natural talent
You wouldn't divorce me what if I divorce you
You're so talented you were born with natural talent