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All done, done. Nice work.
Booth don't panic, pit, but there's a clubber skull nearby.
Considering this is the Reaper fortress, there really aren't very many Reapers. There must be a huge soul harvest going on somewhere. What do you mean? Reapers are sole carriers. When a being dies,...
Cool. A hidden area. Head inside.
Down there is your only option.
Down there, I'm getting you out.
Even though I almost died, I've really enjoyed her time together. Ah, you poor guy. You really need to make some friends. Now let's go find Endora.
Fair or not, just stay away from it. Try breaking nearby rocks to find a way out.
Here we go.
Here we go.
I don't think I can get through this way for now. Why don't you just go back?
I think I found the Great Reapers weak points. They're its head and little toes. Ohh yeah, stubbing those guys hurts like crazy, but it's more effective to target the head. The head is a weak spot ...
Is that a windstorm up ahead? Hang on. Ohh don't be such a baby. It's only wind. I mean at least it's not poison or acid wind. Then you'd be in real trouble. Ohh lucky me.
It's trapped for now, so I suggest leaving it alone. It's one dangerous enemy.
Nice. Another grind drill. This one works a bit differently. As you're writing it, shoot the targets on the walls. This will extend the rail to your destination. That sounds easy enough, just keep ...
No way. It's gigantic.
Not this guy, an eggplant wizard. But I don't want to be an eggplant again. Way back when you had to visit a nurse to get fixed up. Remember, I was there so much they named the place after me hospi...
Now finish it. But how the light coming from its head. Strike there. Gotcha.
Oh, I guess I can get through here now. That's because you raise the intensity level.
Ohh, there's an ornn around your pet. Are you talking about the floating skull? Yes, the slightest touch from one of those will annihilate you, but sounds painful, not to mention totally unfair.
OK, are you alright? Never better than let's get moving. The force obscuring Pandora is deep within this fortress.
Reapers may look all evil and crazy, but there's a good reason for that. They are evil and crazy, but here's a little tip they won't bother you if you stay out of their sight.
So what's our mission this time? You remember Reapers, don't you? From the underworld? Not those guys. They're always freaking out and calling in their little repeats. Nah, I'm getting worked up ju...
That silence means we have to go there, doesn't it? Will you at least tell me why you want to go to a place crawling with Reapers? I'm trying to find another one of Medusa's commanders, Pandora, th...
The clever skulls loose. Get out of there.
The underworld forces really stepped up their game. I doubt those underlings managed it on their own. It's a sure sign that Medusa is back in power.
There are many enemies ahead. I'll take care of them.
There are reapers creeping around in there. They'll summon rabbits if they see you, so be careful.
There's something strange about this hot spring, huh? The steam seems a little evil. Ah, it's probably not a good sign. I'll just keep moving.
This looks like a dead end. There must be a way out. Hmm.
This ravine should take you to the Reaper fortress, but it's tight, so be careful. If you get stuck, I won't have time to get you out. And things are really heating up. Time to bust through here. F...
Those aren't just flirty looks coming from the great Reaper's eyes. Let me guess, they're death rays in a nutshell. Plus, if you get hit, it'll summon rebuts. That great Reaper has quite the evil e...
Those blades look like they could really put a hurt on someone. Be careful not to fall.
We need to find you a safe route.
Well, well, it appears that this place is equipped with some Hot Springs. I could use a little RR right about now.
What are those red lights? Are they? Reaper eyes. This is really bad.
What is that thing? That great Reaper must be the one who's hidden Pandora's labyrinth of deceit. This area split into 2 levels, so just switch levels depending on how it attacks. You say that like...
Whoa, that's hot, hot, hot here. There's no chance of getting in from above. You'll have to break through the front.
Whoa, whoa. Nice. That's a grind rail. It beats walking, huh? You can ride it right into the courtyard.
You know what, Lady Palatina? What's that pen?
You're almost there, 321 contact.
You're closing in on the force that's obscuring Pandora's location. Yeah, I figured the evil lighting wasn't just for show.
You're heading into a cave now. Be careful.