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Ah, found you. Finding me is the easy part.
Are you a little lost? There should be a path from the fountain to an open area.
Are you with the Underworld army? Is that why you have it out for me? Don't be ridiculous. I just don't like the idea of someone copying my act. What? But you're a copy of me.
Bring it, puppet. Who you calling a puppet? Palatina says jump. You jump, she says fight, you fight. It sounds like a very satisfying existence for her. That is, I have absolute faith in Lady Palat...
But two is hiding out underground. There's a hole in the floor of the temple ruins that will take you there.
Cherub boy, you're my new best friend. Don't tell Lady palatina.
Come on now think about it. If I was a copy, why would I kick my own?
For now, the most important thing is to stay out of harm's way.
Get up close and use the attack button to get in.
Great, now the Underworld Army's here too.
He's headed for the area by the fountain. Stay on him.
Hey there, pit stain. You know I could call you the same thing, right?
Hey, what's that hunk of metal? It's a TB.
I can't get out of here now what? I guess you'll just have to abandon the terrabot ohh man, but I love chair Abbot. Unfortunately it won't fit through tight spaces. Tap the arrow on the touch scree...
I did it. This isn't over yet.
I think you'll be able to find pitula at the end of a trail. The area by the fountain seems like a good place to start looking.
I went easy on you this time.
I'm sensing that Pitula is hiding in the dark. There may be a path by the fountain that leads somewhere underground.
I've located dark pit.
If you feel lost, go back to the fountain. From there you have four possible paths. Pituch should be down one of them.
It was kind of tiring, making it all the way up.
It's a shame that the two is so obnoxious. Just think of all the stuff you could get done with more than one of yourself. That's a good idea. Having a bunch of pets could come in handy, but you wou...
Let me get this straight. The Mirror of Truth was replicating monsters. So now that it's broken, the Underworld army can't generate new troops, right? If that were the case, their numbers would be ...
Let's do this.
Little pest trying to escape again. You only need to defeat him one more time.
Look over there. What's he doing with that? Using me for target practice. Not bad, not bad.
Look who finally caught up. What is your problem?
No, don't shoot it. It's not an enemy. Get up close and use the attack button to get in.
Now, this is a little bizarre. I know, right? The mouth on that guy. I'd never talk like that. That's not what I meant. Sorry. He can be a little thick.
Pet two is at the altar on the hill. It's visible from the fountain.
Peter was on top of the mountain up ahead. How do you get up there? I don't know, but he's targeting you with a sniping staff pit.
See ya. He got away. It's OK. He couldn't have gone far.
So where's all this food always coming from? I thought you might want a little snack. Plus it's fun leaving surprises for you. Ohh thanks. You're always looking out for me. Nothing works U in appet...
So you 2 defeated Pandora? Hmm. Of course, you don't seem too upset that we took out one of your top commanders, Medusa. Pandora may be gone, but her powers live on in dark pit. Another astute obse...
Somewhere within these ruins is peteru, cause until it no pitu as in pit two as in dark pit. Pretty great nickname I came up with, huh? But not as great as patuli, right? Right. Ah, anyway, so the ...
That seems to be an altar up ahead. Go there you got.
The Mirror of truth created dark Pit, so his allegiance should be to the Underworld army. Hmm. I wonder if the mirror cracked before the copy was complete, so that explains it. So if dark pit isn't...
The two could be anywhere, but following Underworld troops might lead you to him. They're none too pleased with Patoo for absconding with Pandora's powers.
The two is at the altar on the hill. You can see it from the fountain.
This must have been a temple. Humans turned to the gods in times of need and forget them in times of prosperity. They really are a fickle bunch.
Until he spots.
Use the terrain to your advantage. If you lose sight of dark pit, use the jump pads to gain some elevation.
Wait, no, let him go. He's in for a big fall and we need to get back to stopping Medusa.
We need to stay after him. I'm sensing that he's in an open area.
What is that place? They look like ruins of some sort. I'd better land soon, and I'd better get started on deploying my troops. Come on, is that really necessary?
Where is he out?
Yeah, this is great. The Terrabot is both armor and weapon. Even jumping in it packs a punch. Tap the icon on the touch screen to do a jump that emits a shockwave when you land.
You're a real go getter dark pit. I like that. Is that so? Yes. Though I am curious how you plan to best your doppelganger. Of course, destroying Pitt would be a snap with a little help from me. Do...