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Home > Chapter 11 (English) - Kid...
Are you lost? If you're having trouble, pick One Direction and stick with it. If you wind up in the same place, switch sides and try it again. I know you can get through this.
Attacking Craig Gallant straight on won't do much damage. Swing around him to attack him from behind. To do this, keep your radical fixed on him, get up close and Dash left or right. I'll just chec...
Beneath the ring, you're a lucky Angel pit. Believe me, I know these things drive smooth. Plus they provide protection and firepower. Is that good design or what?
But you should know that the next reset bomb is very nearly completely now. Where do you think I should drop it this time?
Craig Lynch, huh. What are you, a monster truck? Hit her. What are you, a hole in the ground?
Do you soak in every random puddle that crosses your path?
Farida's army is called the forces of nature. Many of her troops are made of natural resources like wood, dirt, and rocks. Eco conscious down to her troops. Everyone's going green these days. I'm n...
Good. There are survivors. They're a stubborn bunch hanging on like that. Set as many free as you can be stubborn. Ohh, I didn't mean it like that. Maybe what you meant to say was insignificant.
Guy doesn't talk much, does he? He's a rock. Last I checked, they're more of the strong, silent type. Tell you what, I'll do the talking for him. Craggle, Lerch, crotch.
I can still make out buildings in this forest. There must have been a town here. We set bombs, won't harm wildlife or natural habitats. Their only purpose is the obliteration of humankind. Ohh, is ...
I think you're getting close to Craig Golant. I'll just take care of these guys first.
I'm surprised you've survived this long pit. I'll take that as a compliment. I think it's time you meet one of my finest warriors. Come on out. Cry gallant. Ohh pit.
In your rock, your face. That's your idea of a victory. Taunts, please.
It looks like there used to be a hot spring here. There's a little water left.
It looks like there's a weak spot on his butt. Yeah, no, he was supposed to get that fixed. Thanks for the tip. I didn't say anything. It's butt kicking time. Literally. I'll shut up. You're not cl...
Let's take a closer look pit. This is a pretty twisted version of nature. Humans massacre earth creatures decimate the trees and exploit the land. They're the twisted ones. They're enemies of life ...
Man, look at the face on this guy. That's a jitterbug. Melee attacks won't hurt him at all when he's red and when he's green, shooting him won't work. What are you gonna do now? Guess I'll just mai...
Nice. Shot it by. Do say so myself. Good riddance, human gum. The world's better off without you. That was the goddess of nature, Faridi pit. Go check things out. I'm on.
Officer Pitt reporting for duty.
Ohh, are you OK? Pit. No, pit. You are the captain of Pelletan's guard. Yes. I look forward to seeing how you fare against Cragg. Allanche. You should be more worried about how he fares against me....
OK, let's go.
So things are going exactly as Hades planned. He spread the rumor about the wish seed, and the humans were gullible enough to believe it. If only we'd had a chance to tell them the wish seed was a ...
So you're the famous Palatina. I hear you've been busy. And you're viridi, ruler of the Earth and all living things. I didn't know I had a fan club. Why have you done this? Humans are driven by sel...
Some of the branches are pretty weak. Try breaking them to move forward.
The humans have fallen for Heidi's hoax. They're killing themselves over that fantasy. It looks like entire nations are fighting each other. The Underworld army is here to gather souls. Clearly the...
There's a maze up ahead. Try not to get too lost.
This place is big. There's another ether ring in the middle of that giant tree. But why there? Asperity. I installed it for my army to use, but no one passed driver's Ed. I'm not surprised. I can't...
To exit the ether ring, tap the arrow on the touch screen.
What is this hot spring are huge hot spring? It's nature's bathtub.
What? What was that?
What's with you and Hot Springs? What's with you not minding your own business?
What's wrong? I have to call you back now. Huh. Whoa.
When a bitter thug is green, melee him. When he's red, shoot him.
Who? Yeah, where am I?
Wow, nice moves. Yes, he's been practicing this routine all week.
You can't do that. First Hades, now viridi. We need to figure out a plan.
You can't go any farther, so I've set up a grind rail, thank you kindly. It's tangled in there, so I had to wind it around the trees. Calling you a snake would be an insult to snakes, but you are c...
You put on quite a show there.