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Did you see that Thunder? No, cause you can't see Thunder.
Don't run straight at her. Keep your distance and wait till she's not moving. My skin feels all tingly. The air in here is electrified. It's good for the complexion, don't you know?
Fanny poo, are you OK? Ohh yes. He doesn't seem peachy. That's because phosphorus combines the DP chip, buying power and speed of lightning.
Finishing blow. Ohh farewell cry BB ohh me ohh my now whatever shall I do? She really brought the Thunder I said lightning pit get it right. Whatever. We'll just keep fighting without someone out t...
Good job. There's a weak breeze now.
Grind rails, huh? Well ladida, which we have the budget for grind rails.
Hello there. Attention pet of buriti. You'd better sharpen your claws. I'm the servant of Palitana, goddess of light now.
Hmm. Thanatos, Pandora. Huge draw. Hades revived them all from the old days. It must have taken some work to bring them back. But this is thanatosis third time around. Thanatos is a bit of a specia...
Huh. This level would be way easier if my sandals were rubber. It's not my fault you conduct electricity so well. Well, she was laughing when I shut the power down.
I can't believe Thanatos is still alive and quite perky from the looks of things, but why does he get a second chance? It's not fair.
I can't believe Thanatos is still alive and quite perky from the looks of things. Well, that's only fair. I've been finished off a few times myself.
I gotta admit, he's fast. Must be all that free soda. Lovely little phosphorus. No slouch in the fighting department either. Ohh, will you stop trying to butter up all the ladies? It's gross. There...
I take back what I said before. You're not cute at all.
I think that's a power supply to some of the areas in this temple. Destroying it will probably make life easier for you.
I'm going to open up a path through these storm clouds. Stay sharp.
Is that a train car? There's something inside of it. Break it open and I'll move its contents near the exit for you to grab. Sure. Go right on ahead. Aren't you going to put up a fight? What do I c...
Is the door busted? The door is the least of our concerns. Hades has rejoined the fray. Ohh no ohh yes. Now we have both his and veridis forces wreaking havoc.
It looks like phosphorus powering this place. You'll need to cut off the supply. Some of the pillars and walls are electrified. Don't get zapped.
Just about there 321, you're out.
Just look at them go. And I thought the fighting outside was exciting, but it looks like the real action is in here. It doesn't stand a chance. Glad you're enjoying the show. Ohh. Divine peanut gal...
Kind of blavity blab. Now let's get to the main act.
Moving out.
Neat. I can go higher depending on the strength of the air current brains and Bron. He's the whole package.
Ohh that seemed to cut some of the power so you can move forward now pull it over. It's no skin off my back.
Pay attention to the movement of those electric currents. I think it's probably fine to touch them. Seriously, they're perfectly safe.
Phosphorus in the middle of those clouds. Persistent, aren't we?
Phosphorus just ahead here so soon?
Phosphorus. Busy recharging at the temple center. Got it. You'll need to move fast and get to her before she's done. Absolutely, lady. Palatina. Absolutely, lady. You're such a yes, man. Pit. Good ...
Remember what I said about not getting zapped?
Some of phosphorus attacks can have a numbing effect, which isn't a problem when you can dash, like I can just move around to recover from numbness faster.
That's as strong as the air current is going to get. Hmm.
The air current is stronger. Use it to carry you up.
The Underworld army and forces of nature are out for blood, each other's and yours. On the underworld side, Hades has put Thanatos back into play as Commander Thanatos. He's still alive, apparently...
There seems to be an air vent in that platform. Turn on the air to help you up to get a current start and move the spheres to the correct place.
This can't be happening. I'm coming for you next for ready. Ohh.
This is intense. Hold on as best you can. Phosphora is definitely up this way. Nope, there's nobody here. We can totally hear you.
This is the thundercloud temple. It's been abandoned since ancient times. Here already. I didn't even have a chance to take a shower. Too bad.
This place is going back to the dogs without lovely little phosphorus. Smarm it up while you still can, Hades. We'll be after you soon enough.
This way goes to the center of the temple. Watch out though, the root looks pretty treacherous.
Watch out when you see phosphorus stop to gather energy. Once she has enough, she'll fire shots at the post that ricochet towards you.
What? I guess she's not completely spent after her battle with Thanatos. It's just one fight after another. Today is not my day. The fortune mistress Faridi read me didn't paint a very good picture...
Where's phosphora? She must be recharging after her battle with Thanatosis. Now's your chance. Let's hit her before she fully recovers. Good idea. We may not have the best dental plan, but justice ...
Wow, this is crazy. It's the underworld versus nature. They're commanders locked in fierce battle. I'm ready to pull you out of there. Things get out of control.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Yes, you called. So you're commanding the forces of nature. We're in the middle of something here. Can this wait? So Thanatos was resurrected as a glow worm. I think the look he's going for is more...
You can hop on in. I set up a grind rail for you to use.