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Ah, it's a mimic, cutie, but strange. Could the arm have brought it here?
Ah, the child is so annoying there are gaps in it that exposed the core. Keep circling around the shield and shoot the openings. You might want to take care of those outer guns too.
An elevator into a torture chamber. Convenient. Hades, did you put that treasure box there? Me, I would never.
But it is kind of crooked. Something seems to have distorted it. The nerve of those arm. How dare they mess with your godly powers. Sorry about that pit.
Enemies incoming. They're firing on me. I'm not even sure what they are.
Fear the wrath of my pyro blasters. Space weirdos. Kaboom, kaboom, baby. Yes, let's let Pyron take care of this. We'll take the other side of the islands. Good plan.
Hey, look, an exo tank. Hey, look, who cares? It doesn't make sense. I certainly didn't put it there. Well, since it's here, I might as well use.
Huh. Are those enemies waving at me? They're not saying hello, if that's what you're asking. Those are enemies are known as sarams. They're attacks can confuse you, so don't stop to say hi.
I placed a grind rail up ahead for you. Thank you very much. Don't thank me yet. It didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped. It got a little weird.
I'm feeling the healing. I hope for your sake that's a hot spring and not some other kind of puddle.
I've never seen anything like this. These things are tough. But what are they? Huh.
Is this the future? We are a must have stolen materials from all over to build this place. I wonder how many other planets were harvested to make it for being patched together. Everything seems pre...
It's it's ransacking the earth.
Man, this is not easy. That rotating shield is your main problem. Anticipate when the gaps and the shield will appear. When the shield is right in front of you, do a forward dash charge shot.
No, no, no. No, no, no, no. What elegance, what Grace, what disturbing brutality. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No. Nice one, Kitty.
Not a problem. I eat weird for breakfast.
Ohh I'm so sleepy.
Pulverized. Let's see what happens.
So I should just keep going down this way? I'm picking up high energy readings from the base of the tower. You can head there, I think. No. Sounds like someone's losing her nerve. I guess I'd bette...
So that's what I need to destroy. Only one way to find out.
Sorry to drag you out so early, but we've got an emergency. We have a big problem. Bigger than all of us. Gods, huh? What is that?
Taking out targets like that is the key to moving past certain obstacles. Or I could just go woohoo and fly over them entirely. You know I can't enable the power flight right after you've used it, ...
The center of that platform is an elevator down.
There's a jump up ahead. You're gonna fall. You're gonna fall.
There's a path down through that tower.
There's another treasure box, all hail the goddess of obvious.
They're organized, but who's giving the orders? Maybe they're a new unit of the forces of nature. Come on now, do they look natural to you? Morning decoders. Don't tell me you two are behind this. ...
This is out of control, the armor blowing up the earth and then taking the pieces for themselves. If they're like bees, what are they doing with it all? Making honey variety. It was you and Hades w...
This is the last of the grind rails. Watch me stick the landing.
Tyron since his danger. And no pyrones sees it.
Villains are no match for Pyra. Pyron. The sun God pyron. That one. It only this wackos. The sun God. Well, that's what he calls himself anyway. Yeah. So all together. Good, good. Pyron loves a par...
We're heading to the center of the RMI Islands. That tower is the key to stopping all this devastation. Prepare for land battle, OK?
Well that didn't go very well. I think we should just leave this to pit. Ohh sure you want me to pick up your dry cleaning too? Now, now. Pit viridi has faith in you and so do I. I know you can han...
Where's it going? Get back here, hot spring. Don't worry, there are stairs to your right that will take you to it. I love you, hot spring.
Woohoo, hot spring.
You're right there, citizen AOK. Thanks for your help Byron Pitt. Let's regroup.
Your attacks are making that bag low counterattack. Couldn't you have mentioned that earlier?
Your boy pit gets an A for effort. I don't know what I'd do without him. Ah, that's really nice of you, Lady Palatina. You're the reason I go on fighting every day. It seems we have a little mutual...