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Home > Chapter 17 (English) - Kid...
And here's that backup I mentioned.
Are you really controlling the Aram Pyron or are they controlling you? They will not be controlled. We will not be controlled.
Commencing underworld assault on the Aram central nervous system. Children, our final target is the brains behind this operation. The ARM brain son God Pyron on the scene now with added Pyro cannon...
Go back to space.
Going in? You've got our enemies on your tail.
Good, you broke free.
Hey, what have I done? All the centurions are are actually I have two more. What? Don't scare me like that. But these are the last of them. So seriously, be careful this time.
Hi, Ron is right up ahead. Halt, Halt, stay away. Does something seem a little off about pyron? How can you even tell?
Hold on, Pete. I'm getting you out.
Huh. That was close. Glad to see your safe, captain. The Syrians are in way over their heads. They mean well. They're just not very effective. Pretty harsh words for your own troops. Pull them out....
I don't know what even happened in there. Did Pyron make it out? Nicely done, pyron. Thanks to you, Pyron is leveled up. I am now a level Infinity epic super God plus ultimate power is now. What ar...
I made it out of the ship. Good job. But there are enemies closing in from all directions. Watch out our little son. Buddy must have a thing for you. Pit. Of course he does. Pits the only one that ...
I need to extract you.
I see your heart in Word, Tyron. Tyron Creed #427. Hard work should always be reward, which is why I go to prison for me to destroy you. It's pyroclastic time, huh?
I'm heading in.
Is that really all you've got? How could this happen? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the power of light is running out. So now what? I'm sorry, pit, I have to get you out of there.
It seems as if our previous path into the ARM brain as well, a flame. You can thank Pyron for that. You'll have to go around.
It's brain frying time. What are you doing?
Jump over the lasers to avoid getting hit. They're coming from the battleship outside, alien ingenuity at its best.
Just keep jumping and shooting to avoid pyrones attacks. However, you can't do powerful dash attacks while you're in the air. Then I guess he needs balance jumps with dash attacks. Pay attention to...
Let's finish the Aram once and for all.
Looks like you've got company that Coloma is trying to scam a free ride. Deadbeat attention passengers. Those who failed to pay their fare must exit the vehicle.
My wings are getting hot. I'm sorry I can't carry you any farther. I have to cut off the power of flight. Pit pit. Mayday, Mayday, this looks like the end. I never learned how to read. Pull yoursel...
No. Come on, kid. No whipping out.
Now that we've defeated the arm hive, we need to takedown that fortress. It's huge. It houses the arm brain, which controls every single arm unit. How did you know that? Ohh, Pyron told me. Man is ...
Ohh boy. What's he got in himself into? It's just as you suspected. The armed brain is overtaken. Pyron. Intruder must be purged. We must consume all. Just like bugs. The Orama powerful as a swarm ...
Ohh hold on.
Ohh no we lost the Centurion. If you lose them all, you won't be able to proceed and you'll feel very guilty. I'll be more careful.
Ohh no. What's wrong? I can't extract him. I don't understand why. That's because you don't have an associate degree in telepathic interference. Are you blocking me?
Ohh right, my thoughts exactly.
Ouch. I'm glad you're alright. But why did you save me, viridi? I don't get it. There's nothing to get. Just shut your gap or get ready to fight. By invading our land. The arm have declared war on ...
See, you're fine, though I can't say the same for my troops that were carrying your platform. I feel terrible about this. Our forces of nature allies made the ultimate sacrifice, but there's no poi...
So our own troops changed color. I'm pulling the arm strings now. Not even the combined power of the gods can stop me. Ohh snap. Poor pity got duped. This might not be the best time to rub salt in ...
So this is the arm brain do your thing bit, you know, you shooting thing thing.
So you were just kidding about having no more centurians, right? No, I was serious. You're gay? My friend is so over.
Thanks, this is much better. It looks like Verity has also donated some of her forces to carry the platform, but this platform is bigger, so there's more room for enemies. Stay on your guard.
That Arab ship flying overhead is the size of a continent. If it were me, I wouldn't sweat it. Enemies. Incoming pit. Get your own platform, jerks.
That arm ship is going to engulf your entire platform. I'm trapped around Furman there. Well coordinated. I'll give them that. Be careful, pit. Those walls are extremely hot, children. Full speed a...
There's an arm doze ahead blocking your way. Get rid of it.
There's an obstacle ahead. Keep moving forward. I'll take care of it.
There's only one Centurion left pit. Guard him with your life.
This is out of control. He's awesome now, pyron.
This isn't much space to fight on. Picky picky. Maybe this will suit His Majesty a little better.
This path will take us directly to the R and brain. Brain. Come on, pit pit, it's time for us to take this space junk to the space. Dump dump.
This seems familiar. We've been doing this a lot.
Threat, I guess you have to go around. That's one tough customer.
We're closing in on pyron. I hope he's decent. Get it together. Pit my poor centurions are struggling. Destroy those enemies. Now I'm trying my best. Some goddess needs to go to leadership training.
What? Just a little farther.
Whoa, you've got a battleship on your tail ohh boy and one on your front. You're being sandwiched. Ohh yes the oats. And which tactic. How delectable. Nature push that pump. Yeah.
With any luck, Pyron will push the arm to the other end of the Galaxy. He finally does something useful. Now we can get back to eliminating the real enemy, the Underworld army. So long space scum.
Wow, that went poorly.
Yeah, this is intense. So, anyone have any bright ideas on how to take them out? I suppose we have no choice. This is it, my single remaining jewel. Wait a second. Is that a reset bomb? Time to let...
011010110110100101101100011011001 what are you doing?