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Home > Chapter 22 (English) - Kid...
As the name implies, the rewind spring can return things to their original states, but if you stop for too long, it'll rewind things too far, and that can get weird.
As you know, Reapers are responsible for carrying souls, but we've got an excess of souls these days. The Reapers can't handle them all. So the extra souls come here. Yes, though some just fade awa...
Bye, bye now.
Do you think Hades was serious about molding souls into other forms? It would explain his endless supply of troops. He's making them out of souls. Professor Palatina doesn't again. But wait, if tha...
Do you think Hades was serious about molding souls into other forms? It would explain his endless supply of troops. He's making them out of souls. Professor Palitana doesn't again. But wait, if tha...
For two.
He can't fly anymore. Fine, fine. I'll get him.
Hmm. Where am I?
Huh. What is going on?
I find him quite adorable, actually, and souls can be very delicious. Luckily, they don't possess personalities or anything like that. What, they don't? Of course not. Souls have no more personalit...
I missed you so much. I missed you too. Let's go home.
I'm out of here.
Irritating little pet. Time to exterminate you.
It is still unconscious, with his wings burned up. He can't last much longer, but I thought of a way to save him. Of course you did. We both owe pet, you know that. Think of the sacrifices he made ...
It's been great touring the City of Souls and all, but we're here to save pit, right? Hey, no need to cop an attitude. Just keep moving forward. Get a room. Love birds.
It's hilarious how you have no sense of humor. But that sour Puss attitude is going to give you an ulcer someday, you know. Anyway, pitu, your understanding is correct. The underworld is where soul...
Lady Palatina, Lady palatina. Welcome back pit.
No, it's you, our heroes, looking a little golf today. I hope the stresses of life haven't gotten you down. That would be ever so tragic. No one's listening.
Not in my room. Don't let him get under your skin. Not a problem.
Not to hurt your feelings, but this pit doesn't need your help to fly, so don't expect me to suck up to you if your flight's unlimited. You don't have to battle on land. So air battle only. It feel...
Pandora's leftover power was what enabled Pitout to fly. He basically had her remains living in his wings cross, but standing too close to the rewind spring seems to have revived her. You're preloa...
Remember when I said that some souls get eaten? Well, here's the hideous devourer of souls himself.
Someone's overcompensating feeling. A little inadequate Verity, of course, is you should too. Just look at me. I liked her better when she was just an evil BLOB. She's still an evil BLOB underneath...
There you are, friends. I finally tracked you down. You're a stealthy bunch. That's because I was using my power of Ninja cry, right? What? You don't believe me? I think that's something everyone c...
This was a stream of souls, but so many lives have been lost that it's now a torrent. All Souls need to find their final resting place down here so that life can spring anew. That's part of the nat...
Up ahead is the rewind spring. That's where you need to go. I'll bring pit in right next to you.
Watch out for her heart-shaped crystal barrier. You see it's reflecting my shots back at me, right? Well, yes, I got it. So stop telling me what to do.
Well, that worked out nicely. Pandora.
What kind of city is this? It's unlike any earthly city. The spirits of the dead gather here. So basically, this is the underworld. You got it.
What? Who's that? It's the new improved me. Ah, it's been so long since I've had a body. Eat your hearts out, ladies.
Wow, I sure wasn't expecting that. You can think dog pit for bringing me to the rewind spring. He was a rebellious servant, though it seems he's still served my purposes in the end. But that little...
Wow, this coming from the mighty Pandora.
You only need to dip him in.
You weren't kidding about the hideous part.