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Home > Chapter 23 (English) - Kid...
Are you Heidi's heart?
Are you OK there? Pit hates has got some raunchy breath. That's really the least of your concerns.
At this point, hitting up has got to be better than heading down. Oh, so gross.
Equipped again?
Hades has overstepped his boundaries by exploiting and desecrating souls. He's disrupted the balance between the Earth, the heavens, and the underworld. He must be stopped. You must stop him. It's ...
Having fun? Titty fat? I'll put a lid on it. Yeah, shut up.
Hello there.
Hello. If Burrito's army is attacking, they're doing an awfully quietly. At least I'm doing something pit. I'm really slacking myself.
How is there a grind rail in here?
Huh. What's that? The reader can't seem to mind her own business. Pardon me if you will. I must go entertain my guests. Hello. If Veridis army is attacking, they're doing an awfully quietly. At lea...
I guess I better smash them up.
I guess I'd better catch it. It's actually pretty cute, especially when you compare it to his bowels.
I thought using souls to create monsters was evil, but at least those souls are being used in some other life. Hades in the underworld have taken this too far. They've stolen so many souls that the...
I won't be needing the three sacred treasures.
I'm trapped, all right, no panicking, just got to focus on defeating these enemies. Cells of hades. Hear my words and. See, my actions are something, something. I'm going to reign death on you. I c...
I've been so looking forward to your arrival. Pitty Pat hates, hates pit Katie. This song.
If it weren't for that explosion, I never would have found you. I'm sure glad you did. It's good to see you, pit.
If my strats have enough homing ability, maybe they'll go over these walls. Some forward dash charge shots should help get the job done.
If only Lady Palatina were here to help me. She'd be so grossed out. Unfortunately for you, I have a stomach of steel. So that's why I can't communicate with Lady Palatina. And you're just lost wit...
It looks like there's a way forward, pit. Thanks, Lady Palatina, but you have to be careful, pit. You're too handsome to lose. Now that's something we can both agree on. I'm really starting to lose...
It's finally time for you to square off against haides. Are you ready? I am so ready. I carb loaded and everything's great.
It's pretty convoluted in here. This is definitely the weirdest place I've been to yet.
Lady Palatina, can you hear me? Hello. I guess you can't hear me. Well I'd better start wiping out bad guys. These guys are like grosser versions of Underworld monsters. Ohh my don't tell me you're...
Look, no need to lurk all creepily.
No is is that just.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Get out of their pit.
No, that felt good.
Not the three sacred treasures. What? No, not quite so tough now, are you? Are you?
Ohh not not bad Kitty fat. That's right, you'd better watch yourself.
Ohh what is all this?
Ohh yeah.
Ohh. Where am I?
OK self, pull it together. Out of my way monsters.
Pardon me if you will. I must go entertain my guests.
Precious ohh.
So where is this castle? Haitis doesn't have one. What, the Lord of the Underworld can't even afford a roof over his head? No, no, it's not like that. This is his realm. So he could be anywhere in ...
Stop eating things. It's bad enough that you eat souls, but souls are delicious. They're like bacon. They taste good on everything, but if you eat them you completely remove them from existence. Yo...
Surprised. Yeah. How did you just punch yourself? Ohh no. You're making me feel bad and when I feel bad I get hungry.
That really hurt. But hey, at least I'm not dead.
That wasn't very goodbye.
This grind rail just keeps going and going and going and going.
Wait, come back here.
Weird. I thought grind rails were like a gift from the gods. I'm hurt. Have you forgotten that your dear friend Hades is a God too? But why would you help me get to my destination? What's in it for...
What a pain. I need to get ahead of it instead of chasing it. And watch out for fake spit. Thanks Lady palatina.
What are these cells? I'll just bust through them.
Who do I spy with my little eye? The three sacred treasures? Even your darkness can't hide from the light.
You know what, pitty Pat, you're looking mighty tasty down the.
You know, pretty I'll miss you when you're gone.
Your heart wasn't even in it, and I'm still just talking to myself.