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And it totally rocked.
And look at the server I did.
And that's a wrap. We're out.
And this is what we made.
Anyway, who puts chili powder on cheese?
Are you serious, Spencer?
Because his mother isn't here, neither is Neva.
Because there was no such video on the server.
But Carly had this great idea.
But no, Mr Mango.
Do I get a kiss?
Except that's not gonna work.
Goodbye, bye.
He's somewhere in a forest out of state.
Hello starting in one minute 40 seconds.
Hey, Carly, Sam.
Hey, guys.
His password is password.
Hmm, no.
How are we going to get him out?
I don't know all the uploaded videos are gone.
I flushed already. What? Huh. Yeah.
I guess it must have worked.
I hope so. Or maybe it's sitting there waiting to infect everything again.
I think a couple of the videos have survived.
I think I just swallowed a bug.
I tried those already.
I vote for the old guy.
I was not hyperventilating, I was just doing some breathing exercises.
I'll let Sam Nevel explain.
I'm hungry. My name is Sam.
I've got most of the details I need. If he tries to hack iCarly again, he's going to rue the day.
It's asking for the password.
It's got a kick to it.
Just me then.
Look, these are the videos uploaded before noon.
Maybe it didn't upload. Corrupted?
Maybe. If Neville is using his home network as a hub while he works from a remote base station, then I might be able to track his IP.
No, something's got inside the server and deleted all the videos.
Nobody's home.
Now, Spence, but it ain't good news.
Of course I did. I think.
Ohh yeah, in 5432.
Ohh, he was there.
Ohh, that does sound like a nightmare.
OK, accessing the file.
OK, guys, if you're ready in 5432.
Password. Is password.
Relax. He tried to hack the system, but I just sent him SIM Neble.
Right. Yeah, I knew that.
Sam smells.
Sam's OK no, wait.
She started it.
Sorry guys, small technical glitch. For a moment I thought the videos were deleting themselves. I must be losing it.
Sounds like a good dream.
Starting in 2 minutes guys.
Suddenly I wish I hadn't said.
Surprise, surprise.
Then it definitely was a nightmare.
This is the craziest sculpture you've done yet, Spence.
This was on the back of as well.
Too obvious?
Typing in password.
Watch the hair.
We need a brain as big as Neville peppermints to work it out.
Well, we know that's not right.
Were you 2 being chased by a giant laptop?
What do you mean?
What spritz her, not me.
What? What?
What's up with you guys? Rough night?
Yeah, but first we've got a show to do. In 5432.
Yeah, fair enough.
Yeah, I just reintegrated the ghost data from the secondary server and.
Yeah, we were all set to delete Neville's program last week.
Yeah, what is it?
You don't pay me. Ready in 5432?
You should check with Spencer. Doesn't he have that dream interpretation book?