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STRM back
STRM boing2
STRM boing3
STRM breaking1
STRM buzzer
STRM cancel
STRM chomp
STRM confirm
STRM darthit
STRM gongting
STRM gulp
STRM hammering
STRM hop3
STRM jerry grunt
STRM jerry kiss
STRM jerry mmmm
STRM jerry sniffing
STRM jerry whistle
STRM jerry yes
STRM jetpack LP
STRM jump1
STRM mower buzz
STRM piano hit
STRM poolball
STRM power up
STRM roll
STRM rollerskate LP
STRM scream3
STRM slideup1
STRM splash
STRM squeeze
STRM steam
STRM swish2
STRM toaster down
STRM toaster popup
STRM tom kiss
STRM tom whistle
STRM tomyell
STRM woodhit
STRM xylodoink