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VALORANT Official Soundboard

VALORANT Official Soundboard

Valorant is a team-based first-person hero shooter set in the near future, published by Riot Games. Players play as one of a set of Agents, characters based on several countries and cultures. Each player starts each round with a "classic" pistol and one or more "signature ability" charges. Weapons and ability charges can be purchased using an in-game economic system.

Ace 1
Ace 2
Agent Returning To Battle
Agent Unlocked
All Enemies Eliminated
Ally Resurrected
Ara ara ?
Assist 1
Assist 2
Attack The Sites
Attackers Win 1
Attackers Win 2
Bark for me :)
Battle Begins Prepare Yourselfs
Battle Begins Prepare Yourselfs 1
Bomb defusing
Bomb drop
Bomb planting
Breach Aftershock
Breach Ah I ve taken worse
Breach Behind me
Breach Break through
Breach C
Breach Careful there
Breach Chicks more than that
Breach Childsplay
Breach Cleared this area
Breach Cleared this area 1
Breach Dead
Breach Enemy spotted
Breach Enough
Breach Fault Line 1
Breach Fault Line 2
Breach Flashpoint Blinding
Breach Flashpoint Flash Out
Breach Get of my back
Breach Going A
Breach Going B
Breach Going C
Breach Got the spike
Breach Guns in my face just another tuesda
Breach Heading mid
Breach Hell of a job
Breach Hell yeah ..
Breach Hey
Breach Hold
Breach I always do the heavy lifting
Breach I dont have to pack heavy these arm
Breach I go through anyone
Breach I will run through you every damn t
Breach Im firing on all cilinders
Breach Im in overdrive
Breach In a fair fight I d still kill you
Breach Lets have some fun
Breach Multiple enemies spotted
Breach Multiple enemies spotted 1
Breach My ult is almost ready
Breach Need backup
Breach Need healing
Breach Night night
Breach No
Breach Not Brimstone can stop me
Breach Oh yeah there is the adrenaline
Breach On my mark
Breach Our carrier is dead
Breach Play for picks
Breach Reloading
Breach Retired
Breach Rotating
Breach Rush them
Breach Saving
Breach Shut up and let me work
Breach Sorry
Breach Spike is here
Breach Spike planted
Breach Stay out in my way
Breach They think they re so secure
Breach ULT
Breach You and me bombshell lets knock the
Brimstone Ah
Brimstone Ah 1
Brimstone Aint my time
Brimstone Any cheaper and it will just be
Brimstone B
Brimstone C
Brimstone Enemy spotted
Brimstone Get off my lawn
Brimstone Grab a gear
Brimstone I hope you find peace
Brimstone Im king of this hill
Brimstone Molly 1
Brimstone My ult is not ready
Brimstone Nice try kid
Brimstone No
Brimstone No more doubts we are ready
Brimstone Not the boom you hoped for
Brimstone Pay attention might learn
Brimstone Push forward
Brimstone Smokes Down
Brimstone Sometimes you gotta get your han
Brimstone Sorry
Brimstone Stim Beacon Down
Brimstone Stim beacon here
Brimstone Thats the lot of them
Brimstone Thats three
Brimstone What do they think this is..
Can I get a heal?
Chamber enemy ult
Champions 2021
Choose Your Agent
Clutch 1
Clutch 2
Critical Assist 2
Cypher 4 out of 5
Cypher 4 out of 5 1
Cypher A site 1
Cypher Ah 2
Cypher Ah 3
Cypher Ah I ve always wanted to
Cypher Ah I worked hard on that
Cypher ah my eyes are done
Cypher Ah tryhard
Cypher Allright 1
Cypher An injured dog bites hard carefull
Cypher Are we going to get the spike
Cypher B Site
Cypher B Site 1
Cypher back to my workshop
Cypher Blink and they will catch up stay a
Cypher Block vision here
Cypher Block vision here 1
Cypher Breach dont be angry
Cypher Burried
Cypher C site
Cypher C Site 1
Cypher Camera taken out
Cypher Camera taken out 1
Cypher Carefull
Cypher carefull 1
Cypher Carefull now
Cypher Clear this area
Cypher Clear this area 2
Cypher Cyber Cage Cage Triggered
Cypher Cyber Cage Inside Sound
Cypher Disrupt here
Cypher Disrupt here 1
Cypher Dont get cozy
Cypher Dont interrupt
Cypher Dont interrupt 1
Cypher Dont worry the house always wins
Cypher Eagle eye
Cypher enemy down
Cypher Fall back
Cypher Fallback
Cypher Fires out
Cypher Fly my wind assassin do what you do
Cypher Foolish
Cypher For a moment I saw them
Cypher Found you
Cypher Get me a corpse
Cypher Get out of my city
Cypher Give me a moment I need
Cypher go phoenix burn
Cypher Going A
Cypher Going B
Cypher Going B 1
Cypher Going C
Cypher Going C 1
Cypher Going Mid
Cypher Goodwork friends advantage
Cypher Got you
Cypher Greetings
Cypher Headshot
Cypher Healing please
Cypher Help
Cypher Help 2
Cypher Here 2
Cypher Here we go
Cypher Hold please
Cypher Honestly Dont Know Who The Cypher
Cypher Hostile removed
Cypher I am prometheus and you are just
Cypher I cant see them yet but I can feel
Cypher i cant use that
Cypher I dont need exploding cameras
Cypher I have dropped the spike
Cypher I have money if you need
Cypher I Have Planted The Spike
Cypher I have retrieved the spike
Cypher I know exactly where you are
Cypher I must survive to protect my family
Cypher I must wait a moment
Cypher I must weave my web better
Cypher I need this
Cypher I saw your secrets they made you we
Cypher I see many people
Cypher I see someone
Cypher I see the spike
Cypher I try to be even more poor next time
Cypher I will crush your eyes Amir
Cypher I will find them
Cypher I will find you
Cypher I will stop anyone who tries to come
Cypher I wonder if they have any parts I c
Cypher Im Buying
Cypher Im saving
Cypher knock knock
Cypher Laugh noone left to send a message
Cypher Let me find you again
Cypher Let us rotate
Cypher Let us use our sight to our advanta
Cypher Lets close up shop i have things
Cypher lets knock them down
Cypher Lets see whatpicture
Cypher Little engineer I borrowed one
Cypher Middle
Cypher my camera is destroyed
Cypher My eyes will take the balance
Cypher My gadget is destroyed
Cypher My intell is their obstacle
Cypher My thanks
Cypher My trueth stay hidden for one day
Cypher My ultimate is almost ready
Cypher My ultimate is ready
Cypher My ultimate isnt ready
Cypher never come back i will take you apa
Cypher new gadgets to try out
Cypher no
Cypher No Hard Feelings
Cypher No more charges left
Cypher No rebirth for you