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According to him, it could be priceless.
Ah, just um. If she says look away, trust me, look away.
All right, do it.
All right, fellas, consider me interested. This is your audition.
All right, first step in the start and awesome gang together plan going to need you to pick up a package for me.
All right, some good news. People are starting to notice us.
All right. All right. Hang tight for a SEC.
Alright, let's get this stuff to eat. Ohh man, this is going to be awesome.
And how do you know about this?
And my boy here will find him and keep him alive. Great. Solid. Sounds like a.
Brad, baby, I love you man, but we have something a little more urgent to deal with than the past.
Bro, you got company moving in.
But he managed to ninja away for a few moments and text me for help.
But not like knocking up. Knocking up. I mean like ohh damn it, forget it. You know what I mean?
But not like making out making out like.
But that's what happens when you're in the big leagues.
But that's when they hear the legend of the trumpet.
Come on, let's go.
Couple of quick rules. One, let me do the talking, Two, try not to look her right in the eye, and three, well.
Crazy, right? Hang on, hang on. I think we're almost there.
Damn it, you know what I mean. Anyway, keep knocking up places like that and our influence is going to spread.
Don't get too close to the van.
Donut, Miller, Allison Cat, PC. All on his label.
Dude thinks he can claim this city without a fight. Screw that.
Dude, I need you now.
Dude, what the Hell's happening in there? We said no shooting.
Dudes corrupt and powerful as hell. I'm talking King Duke. So what we got to do is make a name. Get a team.
Feds just rolled in and busted the Big 5. As in all five of them gone kaput.
First things first, let's hit Fatty Gilroy's place.
Get there. Maybe take some guys out and rescue my boy Alan out.
Glad you made it, man. Someone needs our help and you're going to love this. Like you to meet Bradford Miles.
Got it? I see you're the bomb.
He should be going down right now, but well.
He's got a safe. There should be lots of good stuff to help us get started.
Head for the side street. I'll pick you up.
Heads up, the cops have been conducting raids all over town as part of a citywide sweep to reclaim the neighborhoods. It's the work of our friend Jackson Duke.
Here we go. Take those guys out and get those materials. I'll cover you.
Hey, it's me.
Hey, there he is.
His friend screwed him and left him behind, and Fingers owes his career to that trumpet.
I gotta wait, but they're looking for me, man. You gotta Get Me Out of here or I'm gonna spend the rest of eternity as a human skin chair and some swamp rats. Love Shack.
I haven't forgotten Byron, and I'm stealing my lunch money back. You in?
I mean, not like yesterday or anything. I'm talking middle school, but still.
I mean, the feds busted the big 5 chaos on the block. Ohh man, I told you about this already. Now I'm rambling.
I stopped paying him for protection because why do I have to pay a cop for protection?
I'm listening.
If the club gets shut down, so do a lot of our operations.
If we want to spread our influence, we got to take these goons out block by block and claim their turf, starting with the French Quarter.
Is that a spirit jar? Come on hop in quick ohh.
It'll be a simple in and out job. No one's gonna be there.
It's in this huge mansion. You know what? Just get a car, get there and call me, OK? OK.
It's me, man. It's your boy, Alan. And tell me you've heard.
Jackson, Duke What about him?
Keep going. You're looking for. Now you'll know when you see it. I'll holler at you later.
Know what that means? The bikers are scrambling.
Let's do this.
Like key. Like major. Like in a major key like huge. Thing is Dukes. Got it.
Little things like knocking over a restaurant owned and operated by the jerk who stole your lunch money.
Long time ago, he and Miles were the best side men in town. Until actually, I'll tell you the rest in a second. Let's get to the spot.
Look, boys love the enthusiasm. Seriously. Almost as much as I love the flow of moonshine, but I don't know if.
Look, here's the deal, Jackson. Duke sees us trying to come up in the world. He's going to do all he can to take us out.
Maybe you could like invoke the spirits or something and find out.
Mr. Miles doesn't play much anymore, mostly a producer now.
My lights in your hands, dude. You gotta help me.
Nice place, right?
Nice work back there, friend, though, making out like Bandidos Woo.
Nice. Get in.
Not just any trumpet. A magic trumpet.
Nothing moves in this town without him knowing like this item we're after.
Now I've spoken to the packaging.
Now we just want to scare these guys a little. We're not there to shoot anyone. Got it?
Off the scene, out of the picture.
Ohh crap. Sorry bro. I gotta bounce. I gotta go do some important club owner stuff.
Ohh good you made it. We found out who Jackson Duke is meeting with some bro named Roger Glazier who represents some organization.
Ohh man.
Ohh, you gotta be kidding me.
Ohh. Shit shit shit shit shit.
OK, follow that van. He's going to lead us to some highly volatile materials, but don't let him make you.
OK, new destination Go.
OK, you got this right.
On the B side, he's also a big player in Nolan's burgle industry offense.
Only they never find it. Fingers finds it and goes on to become one of the greats.
Only thing is, we don't know who the witnesses are.
Oops. Damn. Yeah, gave it away. The package is a person.
See you around, killer.
Seriously, man, I can't die now, now, when we finally got our chance to step up and take over the city.
She reaches in and she pulls out anything you could dream of, man.
She testifies this afternoon so Judge Tarpon won't be barking up our tree anymore. Allen out.
Showtime. Let's park right up front and then get back.
So do what you do.
So fingers and miles go on this whole road trip adventure to find the magic trumpet. Think it'll help Miles get his mojo back?
So Fingers enjoys a great jazz career in Miles. Well, he gets bile right, but you see it right?
So here's the situation. There's bangers and Ballers posted on every corner of the city, all of them armed, all of them dangerous, and almost all of them working for New Orleans finest Jackson Duke.
So look, this package, it's going to be very important to our enterprise.
So Miles and Blue fingers on the scene, up and coming until Miles breaks his hand in a fight. Never quite recovers, loses his mojo after that.
So that stolen package, it was a trumpet stolen from Ronnie Blue Fingers Oats. Why is that a big deal you may ask?
So we asked around and suddenly all the usual loose lips were zipped.
So we break up the meeting and retrieve the item. Sounds easy enough? Let's go.
So we're going to bring his career crashing down with the help of these materials we're gathering. Speaking of which.
So what can my partner and I help you with?
Sorry about that.
Take my partner here and hit that bank. Grab some cash while you're at it. Make it look like an ordinary robbery.
That corrupt bastards eliminating the competition.
That is unusual.
That must be what these ass clowns are here for.
That, they say, was gifted to Hot Air Willis at a Delta crossroad by the devil himself in exchange for his soul.
The airport. You got this.
The bad news? This means other movers, shakers and wannabes are going to start taking runs at our turf.
The blocks are turning on each other. It's open season and Nola baby.
The Bradford, Miles Grace noted himself.
The The witnesses in the case against Judge Tarpon are starting to either clam up or disappear entirely.
There was no problem at my club. It was a freaking ambush. Bunch of rednecks jumped out from everywhere and went hog wild on me.
There you are.
There'll be no stopping us, so let's get out there and make some noise.
They keep him locked in the basement, Bunch of guards and stuff.
Thing is, Tarpon is corrupt and we got evidence and leaked it to the feds. They kicked off an investigation.
Thinking of crashing the party, but it'd be nice to know what we're getting into first.
This has to be a Jackson Duke move. He and the judge go way back.
This is our chance to start breaking away, getting out in front.
Those yokels were hired by Jackson Duke had to be.
Took your sweet time.
Try not to get killed.
We do some jobs. We raise our influence until we're ready.
We got a problem. The not so Honorable Judge Tarpon has issued an eviction notice on my club.
We just need to make sure we're ready for them when they come.
We need to get into the witness protection business or Tarpon's going to continue to be a pain in our collective asses.
We're going to lose some ground, but not for long. Let's strike back and show him we're ready to play.
We're going to need someone's help. Her name is Marie and. You'll see.
Well, they're not getting it without a fight. You ready to drive like hell?
What do you say, man? You ready to go hard in the Big Easy?
What? You know what this is? It's a band napping.
What's up, killer? What is up? Why don't you ever pick up your phone?
Where are the Hippo boys? I got a full house and no band.
Where we're going, there's this, this woman. Don't ask me how she does it. She does a little magic.
Whoa, not looking so good, bro.
Wild schemes and big scores are all well and good, but sometimes it's the little things that give life meaning.
Word alright player to Bluefinger Studios.
Yeah, all right. Like a boss.
Yo-yo, all right, drive to the address on this matchbook. Just trust me.
Yo, I'm just around the corner. Come on.
Yo, it's me. Nice work keeping the Witness alive.
You drive.
You got to get out of there fast. Try the back door on the second floor.
You gotta patch yourself up.
You there? Our guy should be somewhere in the mansion.
You want to know the real reason the Big 5 got taken down. Because of him Bet on it. Cause a Duke.
You're in the red. Has that place locked down. He's one of Duke's top men, so you know.
You're new here, so let me explain this little jar. I know it doesn't look like much but.
You're up, Killer going to keep the engine running. Watch your back.