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Boat chase fail
Boat chase fail
Boat chase fail
Boat chase fail
Boat chase fail
Boat chase full success
Boat chase leadup evade
Boat chase leadup ram
Boat chase leadup shoot grunt
Boat chase leadup throttle
Boat chase leadup tracking device
Boat chase success
Boat elevator goes up
Boat grunt 1 shot
Boat ram grunt
Boat silenced shot
Boat tracking device
Boat tracking gun shot
Car chase fail b
Car chase fail c
Car chase fail d
Car chase fail e
Car chase fail f
Car chase full success
Car chase leadup grenade
Car chase leadup tramontana restart
Car chase leadup truck evade
Car chase leadup truck shoot
Car chase leadup truck throttle
Car chase success
Cut truck arrives and falls
Helico villain distant
Helicopter passby
Humvee passby
Truck minigame action bodyroll
Truck minigame hit mc
Truck minigame shoot tire
Truck minigame start
2 helicos disappear behind building
2 helicos engage fight