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Beaver jump1
Beaver jump2
Beaver jump3
Bird jump1
Bird jump2
Bird jump3
Bird2 jump1
Bird2 jump2
Bird2 jump3
Bunny jump1
Bunny jump2
Bunny jump3
Cat jump1
Cat jump2
Cat jump3
Crystal take1
Crystal take2
Crystal take3
Crystal take4
Crystal take5
Crystal take6
Crystal take7
Crystal take8
Dialogue shown
Dog jump1
Dog jump2
Dog jump3
Duck jump1
Duck jump2
Duck jump3
Echidna jump1
Echidna jump2
Echidna jump3
Elephant jump1
Elephant jump2
Elephant jump3
Fb friend beaten
Fox jump1
Fox jump2
Fox jump3
Hero unlock
Hippo jump1
Hippo jump2
Hippo jump3
Jump empty b
Jump empty n
Koala jump1
Koala jump2
Koala jump3
Level backwin
Level fail
Level finish
Monkey jump1
Monkey jump2
Monkey jump3
Moose jump1
Moose jump2
Moose jump3
Pig jump1
Pig jump2
Pig jump3
Press button
Rac**** jump1
Rac**** jump2
Rac**** jump3
Shake button
Sheep jump1
Sheep jump2
Sheep jump3
Snail foot1
Snail foot1
Snail foot1
Snail foot1
Snail got
Snail jump1
Snail jump2
Snail jump3
Star coloured
Start play snail
Triceratops jump1
Triceratops jump2
Triceratops jump3
Unicorn jump1
Unicorn jump2
Unicorn jump3
Zebra jump1
Zebra jump2
Zebra jump3