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Ammo pickup m1
Ammo pickup m2
Ammo pickup st1
Ammo pickup st2
Dist ger mg
Dist ger rifle
Dist ger smg
Dist ger stg
Dist jp mg
Dist jp rifle
Dist jp smg
Dist jp t99
Dist rus mg
Dist rus smg
Dist us bar
Dist us mg
Dist us rifle
Dist us smg
Grenade pu
Grenade pu plr
Shell eject
Shell large1
Shell large2
Shell large3
Shell large4
Shell medium1
Shell medium2
Shell medium3
Shell medium4
Shell medium5
Shell medium6
Shell small1
Shell small2
Shell small3
Shell small4
Shell small5
Shell small6
Shell small7
Shell small8
Shell small9
Wp pickup m1
Wp pickup m2
Wp pickup m3
Wp pickup st1
Wp pickup st2
Wp pickup st3